18 Products To Smell *Magical* On Your Honeymoon… He Will LOVE!

18 Products To Smell *Magical* On Your Honeymoon… He Will LOVE!
This story is updated in January 2019. We totally feel you! It’s every bride's nightmare to smell bad during her honeymoon! As it is your first time to live with your man, it's completely okay if you’re anxious about your body odour. For you to enjoy an “I’ve arrived” kind of lingering scent throughout your honeymoon, we rounded up on some amazing products including sensual perfumes, body wash, body butter, face wash, shampoo, bath oil and many more, that will ignite your inner goddess! Ladies, have fun with your hubby and smell oh-so-yummy all the time while enjoying with him. *Wink*

1. Avon Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum Spray

13-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-avon-lbd Smell like a dream with this seductive perfume by Avon. Spray some of it on your collarbone and wrists just before the two of you head out for a romantic dinner during the honeymoon. We bet you’re going to smell so sexy and irresistible. Price: Rs 1,499. Buy it here.

2. Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Body Wash

1-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-khadi-bodywash This is considered the best body wash by Khadi and makes you smell like jasmine all day long. Your skin will feel fresh and soft the entire day and you will keep smelling great. It also helps in keeping the body hydrated and exfoliates it well, too. Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

3. The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel

pasted image 0 Smell like strawberries with the help of this aromatic gel wash. This soap-free shower gel contains real strawberry seed oil. It has a deliciously sweet frutiy scent and we assure you, your hubby will completely fall head over heels every time he leans in to kiss you. *Wink* Price: Rs 325. Buy it here.

4. Delon Raspberry & Blackcurrant Shampoo

3-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-delon-raspberry-shampoo Apart from smelling like blackcurrant all day long (yum!), this shampoo will also help in making your hair smooth and shiny. Say goodbye to bad hair days with this shampoo and flaunt your gorgeous tresses all through your honeymoon, ladies.
Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

5. Roots & Above Ayurvedic Rose Water

unnamed Carry this pure rose water by Forest eseentials in your handbag, wherever you travel on your extravagant honeymoon. It’s made from the freshest flowers of the voluptous Rose, only you need to do is just spritz some of this product onto your face whenever it feels dull or oily. This will rejuvenate and give your face an instant glow. Price: Rs 1,150. Buy it here.

6. Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm

5-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-burts-and-bees Your lips will smell (and taste) like honey all day long with this amazing lip balm. Apply it right when you are going to head out, and believe us, your hubby will want to more it. Price: Rs 1,394. Buy it here.

7. Innisfree Sudachi Hand Cream

pasted image 0 (1) Keep your hands moisturized and soft with this scented hand cream by Innisfree. Its fragrance will last long, like any long-lasting perfume. It’s lightweight in texture and will not make your hands oily. Price: Rs 942. Buy it here.

8. Seychelles Fizzy Aromatic Bath Bomb with Rose Petals

unnamed Start the process of smelling heavenly right when you take a bath. Just drop this bath bomb into the tub and see magic unfold in front of your eyes. Why not take a bath with your hubby and wrap yourself with the sweet scent of roses? *Wink*
Price: Rs 545. Buy it here.

9. Yves Rocher Gentle Super Soft Shampoo

8-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-yves-rocher-shampoo Keep your hair soft and fresh throughout your honeymoon with the help of this shampoo. It is not only gentle on your hair, but also leaves behind a subtle and beautiful scent of witch hazel. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types. Price: Rs 550. Buy it here.

10. The Body Shop British Rose Body Butter

9-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-the-body-shop-body-butter Massage your body with this absolutely yummy smelling body butter right after you step out of the shower. It will not only hydrate your body,  but will also make your body smell like roses, which is amazing, isn’t it? Price: Rs 1,045. Buy it here.

11. Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream

10-Macadamia-Natural-Oil-Nourishing-Leave-In-Cream Infused with two nourishing oils - macadamia and argan oil, this leave-in cream will not only nourish your hair but will make it smell oh-so-amazing. Tame your unruly hair with this magical product and smell like a dream, too! Price: Rs 1,900. Buy it here.

12. The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

11-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-the-body-shop-moringa-mist Spray this light-scented mist all over your body and wrap yourself in the sweet scent of delicate flowers. The moringa extract in the mist will make you smell so seductive and sweet that your hubby will fall for you, all over again.
Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

13. Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Hair Cleanser

12-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-kama-ayurveda Cleanse your hair with this product by Kama Ayurveda which will make your hair smell like lavender. It consists of hibiscus extracts that helps in nourishing and protecting your hair from any damage. Price: Rs 675. Buy it here.

14. Forest Essentials Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil - Mashobra Honey & Vanilla

14-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-forest-essentials Add a few drops of this bath and shower oil in your bathtub and bask in the sweet scent of honey and vanilla. This will help in relieving stress, add glow to your entire body and make you smell so yummy. What more would you want on your honeymoon, ladies? Price: Rs 1,795. Buy it here.

15. Davidoff Cool Water Woman Deodorant Spray

15-smell-good-during-your-honeymoon-davidoff The sweet and delicate scent of honeydew melon mixed with pineapple and lotus will make you smell oh-so-seductive during the honeymoon. It is a nice blend of floral and musky scents that will make you smell amazing all day long. Price: Rs 1,800. Buy it here.

16. Colgate Mouthwash

pasted image 0 (2) There’s no place for a bad morning breath. This mild mouthwash by Colgate contains no alcohol and has a minty flavour to keep your breath as fresh as it can be.  After all, the key to more tolerable morning breath is a good mouthwash that cleans and hydrates your mouth for an all-day fresh feeling.
Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

17. Bed Head TIGI: Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo

pasted image 0 (3) Dry shampoos have taken a big loving place in our hearts. And why not? No water, no time needed, and fresh smelling hair all day. This dry shampoo by Bed Head is perfect choice for those who want to smell fresh on their honeymoon but do not have the time to shampoo their hair everyday. What’s more? It does not leave any residue. Get your now! Price: Rs 1200. Buy it here.

18. Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

pasted image 0 (4) Here’s the deal. Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel doesn't have the fume-tastic odor of regular nail polishes which can irritate your partner. These scented nail enamels come in three fragrance categoris- Sweets & spices, Fruits & Florals and Fresh Fragrance in wide range of colours. So that it’s not just you, but your nails smell fresh too! Price: Rs 350. Buy it here. Smell amazing all day long with these fabulous products, ladies, and have a happy honeymoon! Featured Image: Shutterstock