10 Apps & Websites To Plan The Best Honeymoon EVER!

Srishti Gupta

Senior Lifestyle Writer

Planning your honeymoon can be quite stressful, given that it’s bang in the middle of all the wedding planning madness. Aside from that, there is the pressure that it has to be super special because, well, it’s your first official holiday as a couple! So, to make you sail through the process, we’ve compiled a list of websites and apps to help plan your honeymoon. With these, your vacay bookings are going to be so much easier and fun!

1. TripAdvisor

1 tripadvisor apps to help plan your honeymoon

TripAdvisor is one of the most used travel review websites all over the world. You can read reviews, see pictures, consult maps, check out various activities and restaurants at your holiday destination. The overall average provided with every hotel will give you good sense of the quality of each of them. Plus, it’s easy to use!

Available on: iOS and Android

2. Airbnb

2 airbnb apps to help plan your honeymoon

If you’d rather stay in an apartment, instead of a hotel, and experience the city like a local, there’s no better site and app than Airbnb. With over 3 million listings in more than 191 countries, Airbnb offers you the exact experience you want for your honeymoon.

Available on: iOS and Android

3. Viator

3 viator apps to help plan your honeymoon

Viator comes in handy when you’re looking for things to do on a honeymoon. It offers you everything from traditional bus and walking tours to exclusive and VIP tours that take you behind the scenes of the world's most popular attractions. In depth descriptions provided here tell you everything you need to know and there are photos, videos and customer reviews that accompany these descriptions.

Available on: iOS and Android

4. TripIt

4 tripit apps to help plan your honeymoon

While TripIt won’t book your tickets for you, it’ll do something better. It’ll keep all the information like flight number and time, hotel booking confirmations and activities in one place and transform everything (including your emails) into a master itinerary so that everything is available to you in an organised manner. You can also collaborate with your spouse so that both of you can access this itinerary.

Available on: iOS and Android

5. Minube

5 minube apps to help plan your honeymoon

Minube is the Pinterest for travellers. It helps you discover the next travel destination by reading reviews and tips other travellers have left and allows you to create travel albums for a wonderful keepsake of your trip.

Available on: iOS and Android

6. XE Currency

6 xe currency apps to help plan your honeymoon

With the XE Currency app, you’ll never have worry about currency exchange rates when you’re on your honeymoon. You’ll be able to access live exchange rates, historical charts and calculate prices on your smartphone.

Available on: iOS and Android

7. Booking.com

7 booking apps to help plan your honeymoon

Try Booking.com for your honeymoon bookings and you’ll thank us later for this advice. They have a bunch of cool features like 100% refunds, free cancellations and it's pretty easy to search for a hotel.

Available on: iOS and Android

8. Travel Triangle

8 traveltriangle apps to help plan your honeymoon

If you are always on the lookout for a good package, then Travel Triangle has some pretty awesome package deals for your honeymoon. You can buy bundle packages for a variety of locations and there is something for everyone.

Available on: iOS and Android

9. Packtor

9 packtor apps to help plan your honeymoon

Another app that will help you be organized for your trip is Packtor. This app acts as your personal packing assistant and allows you to make customizable packing lists. It ensures that you have all your lists in one place and you will not forget to pack anything ever again.

Available on: iOS and Android

10. TraveLibro

10 travelibro apps to help plan your honeymoon

With Travel Libro you could peek into another couple’s itinerary for the same honeymoon location. With itineraries of multiple people in one place, you can check out what activities other couples are a part of and what places they are going to be visiting. This way, you can plan yours accordingly.

Available on: iOS and Android
Published on Apr 03, 2017
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