10 Things NOT To Do When Wearing An Anarkali!

10 Things NOT To Do When Wearing An Anarkali!
If you too like us, love wearing anarkalis and can’t get enough of them, then you’ve come to the right place. You might have worn them plenty of times before, they are after all, our go-to desi style, which is why you can’t ignore this. Here are 10 things to not do while wearing an anarkali, ever! Read on to get your desi girl swag on point, ladies!

1. Say no to ballerinas

1 things to not do while wearing an anarkali Image: Shutterstock You can wear a pair of simple, T-shaped flats but not ballerinas. They look really odd when paired with an anarkali and can kind of kill the entire look. We suggest you opt for strappy heels as they balance the voluminous silhouette of the anarkali by giving you some height. But if you still want to wear closed shoes, we suggest you either wear juttis or high heeled pumps.

2. The right number of kalis

The fit and form of your anarkali depends a lot on the number of kalis and how they’re stitched. The kalis should never be pleated nor stitched too close to each other. They have to be stitched according to your body type, the ‘one size fits all’ rule can’t apply to this. Ensure you try on the outfit before buying it. Too many kalis can overwhelm your frame, while too less won’t give you the desired effect.

3. Earring talk

3. things to not do while wearing an anarkali Image: Karisma Kapoor on Instagram If you’ve noticed, a fabulous anarkali look is never complete without a pair of gorgeous earrings. Long, bold, dramatic earrings really look great with anarkalis. Even if you’re not into wearing earrings that are OTT and shine through your ensemble, wearing studs or barely-there earrings with it just don’t add enough to this Indian wear wonder! The right way to accessorize an anarkali is in fact by wearing a pretty pair of earrings, be it chandbalis, jhumkis or danglers!

4. The wrong length

Anarkalis are usually always long, but the exact length completely depends on your height. You can keep it floor length or end it at the calf or just below the knee. It has to be tailored according to your height and how long is too long for you. As a general rule, if you’re short, don’t opt for a floor grazing length and vice verse.

5. The waist position

5 things to not do while wearing an anarkali Image: Shutterstock The position of the belt, or where the kalis start is extremely important. If your waist doesn’t cinch at the right spot, it’s not going to look right. Choose the position of the belt according to your height, weight and assets. If you’re broad and well endowed, you might want to start the kalis at a slightly lower position. Whereas, if you’re towering tall, then you should opt to position the belt just beneath your chest.

6. Dupatta details

Your dupatta shouldn’t be too short because it will just end up looking odd. And a very long pallu can get tangled around your clothes and make your look messy. The ideal length would be for the dupatta to end near your ankle or a little lower than the calves, when draped over your shoulder.

7. Wearing the wrong bra!

7 things to not do while wearing an anarkali Image: Shutterstock You shouldn’t be wearing the wrong bra for sure. Ensure that you wear a bra that provides the right support and isn’t too tight. An anarkali suit is elaborate, you don’t want to restrict movement with the wrong bra or have a weird silhouette thanks to an ill-fit. In order to ensure easy movement and comfort, wearing the right bra is very important!

8. Line it right

Most anarkalis, especially the ones with net, have an inner lining that you just can’t skip. If you want to make your anarkali game strong, you must know that it’s not going to work if you don’t get the lining fitted perfectly. Ensure that your lining is well ironed, it shouldn’t have too many wrinkles and it should not be longer in length, even minutely, than your anarkali. The ideal length of the lining should end three to four inches above the anarkali’s length.

9. Being all matchy matchy

9. things to not do while wearing an anarkali Image: Sophie Choudry on Instagram You don’t have to be all matchy matchy from head to toe as it’s only going to look gaudy and OTT. Contrast your look with a pretty, simple colour rule that will balance your overall look and be aesthetically pleasing. Even if you’re not keen on wearing contrasting colours, balance the look by mixing it up with different shades of the same colour. For example, a bright pink kurta paired with a lighter shade of pink for the bottoms would make for a very pretty look.

10. Embellishment check!

You shouldn’t go overboard with the embellishments or the embroidery. Sure, Indian wear does have that blingy aesthetic, but it is quintessential that you maintain a balance between simplicity and OTT glam. It’s just going to look like a mess. If you’re getting your neckline embroidered, keep it at that. Don’t go overboard and get other parts of your anarkali embellished too.