Wedding eyeliner styles that are guaranteed to make a statement!

Wedding eyeliner styles that are guaranteed to make a statement!
Aren’t you super excited that your bestie is getting married?! We bet you must feel on top of the world right now! If you’re looking for the perfect wedding eyeliner styles to flaunt at your bestie’s shaadi, we’ve got you covered, sista! With each eyeliner style dawns a new personality. Are you ready to slay it on her big day? Here are 10 wedding eyeliner styles that will make you look smokin’ hot at your bestie’s wedding. (Warning: Tons of compliments heading your way!)
1. Shimmery Fever 1 eyeliner styles Pairing a winged wedding eyeliner styles with a pastel eyeshadow shade is something that will always fetch you brownie points. Keep your eye mak-eup light but also add a touch of glam to your look with shimmer. Team this look with a rosy blush-on and a pink matte lipstick and you’re bound to make heads turn. 2. Kitty Cat Eyes 2 eyeliner styles There’s something extremely bold and sexy about sporting a jet black cat-eye flick. If your bestie’s shaadi is happening at night, we suggest going ahead with this style. To nail these wedding eyeliner styles, you can use either liquid or gel-based eyeliner. Complete the look using a bit of mascara and your eyes will look fierce, bold and downright sexy.    3. Classy White Liner 3 eyeliner styles One of the perfect wedding eyeliner styles, this one offers you a choice: either apply the liner on the eyelids or apply one stroke on the waterline. If you feel like experimenting, you can actually wear both of them. Sure white liners make your eyes look slightly different, but it’s a bold style that's worth giving a shot! Since the white liner stirs a loud appearance, you might want to opt for a subtle makeup look. Nude lipstick and the white liner go hand-in-hand. Rock your bestie’s shaadi in style, we say!  4. Sparkle It Up
4 eyeliner styles Smokey eyes, black kajal and a line of sparkle made for some of the best eyeliner styles of this year! All you’ve got to do is put on your regular make-up and once you’ve completed the smokey eye look, gently draw a fine glittery gold line on your upper lash line. Pair this eye make-up with a dark shade of lipstick and we bet you’ll look like royalty at your bestie’s wedding!  5. The Sexy Winged Liner 5 eyeliner styles The winged eyeliner is a timeless classic for a reason. The style is popular for drawing attention to your eyes and giving you a look of an ethereal beauty. Very stylish, modern and graceful at the same time. For your lower lash line, you can either go bare or use a nude pencil. We bet this trick will make your eyes pop and look stunning at the same time. Ready to flaunt this look on your bestie’s big day?

6. Smudged & Beautiful

6 eyeliner styles Using one of these classic wedding eyeliner styles is perfect when you want to keep it simple yet stand out! It’s a mixture of styles - winged eyeliner, metallic accents and a smokey touch. When all three get blended together, it makes for a stunning eye makeup look. Just imagine how gorgeous you’ll look when you wear this style with your bright lehenga!

7. Arrow Straight

7 eyeliner styles To ace this look, use a kajal on your waterline and apply the liquid liner on your upper lash in a pointed upwards. You can either leave it as it is, or to make it stand out even further, a light summery shade of eyeshadow should do the trick. The best part is that it’s minimal and can be wrapped up in minutes. Bridesmaids shouldn’t be running late for the wedding, after all.
8. Angled Love 8 eyeliner styles Even though this one looks a tad bit tough to do, with patience and practice you can master it like a pro! Instead of sticking to the natural curve of your eyes, try going for a bolder and straighter eyeliner look. The very fact that it's so unique will fetch you lots of compliments.

9. Color Mania

9 eyeliner styles If you’re bored of using the same black liner, then it's probably time to make a big switch! A coloured eyeliner is what we’re hinting at. A pink one that compliments your skin tone and we bet your eyes will look stunning at your bestie’s wedding. Apart from electric blue, you can also play around with shades of pink, red, gold, silver and many more.

10. Go Basic

10 eyeliner styles For the girl who swears by the ‘no makeup’ look, we think this basic eyeliner style would make her look and feel the happiest on her bestie’s wedding day. Use a nude liner for your waterline and upper lash area. Once you’re done, pick an eyeshadow shade that’s closest to your skin tone. You’ll be amazed to see how natural, delicate and soft your final eye make-up looks. Internal Images: Shutterstock