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6 Amazing Eyeliner Styles for That Perfect Look

6 Amazing Eyeliner Styles for That Perfect Look

Eyeliner is the perfect way to give your eye an instant lift. It’s no wonder we can’t do without it. You can use it to accentuate your eyes or to change their shape altogether. Make a statement with those peepers and befriend that eyeliner brush!

6 Awesome Eyeliner Styles, Ideas, and Tips for the Perfect Look

1. Arabian eyeliner

Are you ready to tap into your inner Cleopatra? Give this sexy Arabian inspired look a go for your next night out on town. The Arabian liner is an exaggerated version of the cat eyeliner. Look for a gel liner or a liquid based liner depending on your preference. Use either a flat tip brush or a fine liner brush to create the perfect wing. You need to create a sharp wing on both the inner and outer corner of your eyes. The Arabian eye is all about those sharp mystical eyes; a great tip to work with this look is to apply concealer once you’re done mastering those edges. This makes it easy to clean up any mistakes on the route to Arabian perfection.    Complete the look with a lot of mascara, light colored lips and a dash of gloss for that perfect pout. Check out this easy Arabian inspired makeup tutorial. Image Source: Rita’s Muse on Instagram

2. Invisible Eyeliner

eye-2 Who said you need to go thick to make your eyes pop? Apply a thin line using gel, liquid or liner pencil to the upper lash line, without filing in the inner corners (basically lining three-quarters of the eye). Close your eye and stretch your lid to draw your line. If you are using a gel liner, try to wiggle it in between your lashes with the brush. Smudge the line to make it softer; this makes the liner look less harsh and helps look younger too.
Alternatively, using a gel liner, felt tip or a pencil liner, wiggle onto your lashline is great to create a very fine line. Line the inner lash line to give it more definition. A single, light coat of mascara will complete the look. Image Source: Nidhi Modi on Instagram

3. Pop of Color

eye-3 Give your everyday black liner a makeover with a hint of color. You can create this gorgeous style on a cat eye or even a simple liner look. All you need to do is apply a thin line of black eyeliner and apply a coloured liner above that line. Turquoise blue is a never-fail colour to add oodles of magic and drama to your eyes. Image Source: Leannanikole_Mua on Instagram

4. Winged Edges

eye-4 Another everyday style perfect for that #NoMakeUp look. Create a very thin, small wing on the outer corner of your upper lash line. Use a business card or scotch tape to get the perfect angle on both sides. Extend the liner inwards across your lid. Make sure that the line is almost invisible and gets thinner as you reach your tear duct. The beauty of this look is its minimalism. Use liquid eyeliner to get the thinnest line. Skip the mascara and bold lips to maintain this #NoMakeUp look.
Can’t ever get your liner even on both eyes? Don’t fuss. We have the PERFECT solution for you. Watch this video! Image Source: Maddiee on Instagram

5. Glitter & Coloured Eyeliner

eye-5 December is the perfect season to give yourself some instant glam with this glitter/ colored eyeliner look.  This look is going to make your eyes glimmer through the night and ensure you’re the belle of the ball. If you have colored eyes, look for a shade of eyeliner that compliments them. Colored and glitter eyeliners are best and most pigmented in their liquid form. You can apply these on your upper lash line or under your lower lash line, try both looks and see what works best for you! Image Source: Beauty By Ellen on Instagram

6. Smudged Eyeliner

eye-6 Tone down those harsh lines and smudge out your liner for a smoky effect. Believe it or not, smudging out your eyeliner makes you look younger, plus it makes your peepers look oh-so sexy. To create this look, just apply your pencil or gel liner the way you normally would, take a smudging tool or liner brush and begin smudging away harsh lines. That’s it!
Image Source: Pearl Girl Makeup on Instagram
Published on Nov 27, 2015
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