15 *Colourful* Tops That Look FAB On Indian Skin Tones!

15 *Colourful* Tops That Look FAB On Indian Skin Tones!
A bright colour can brighten your day instantly! Which is why we’ve put together the perfect shopping list to zest up your wardrobe! Here are 15 bright coloured tops that look absolutely fabulous on Indian skin! Check them out and never worry again about which shades look best on your gorgeous dusky skin tone.

1. Red Hot Alert

1 bright coloured tops It’s true, red looks fab on everyone! The colour red can brighten up your look in a jiffy and is bound to make you look super sexy. The ruffle detail will look gorgeous and accentuate your skin tone! Pair it with minimal earrings and keep your hair in a top knot.
Price: Rs 649. Buy it here.

2. Sunshine Yellow

2 bright coloured tops A pastel yellow is a colour that looks equal parts fabulous yet understated on Indian skin. This off-shoulder top with noodle straps is the right mix of sexy and subtle! Pair it with jeans and a cutesy pair of flats. Price: Rs 949. Buy it here.

3. Electric Blues

3 bright coloured tops Blue can look great on most skin tones and this electric blue flatters dusky skin like no other! Plus, we all know how trendy bell sleeves are at the moment. You can wear this to college or even to office. This one’s such a stunner! Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

4. Salmon Love

4 bright coloured tops An easy to wear and chill kinda tank top that’s basic but quirky thanks to those cute patches! The colour will look flattering on all Indian skin tones… from dusky to fair. This tank top will definitely make you stand out on an ordinary day! Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

5. Blue Bae

5 bright coloured tops This off-shoulder bodysuit is probably as sexy as it can get. Just add minimal jewellery to make a great statement. Pair it with your favourite pencil skirt or jeggings to look hot!
Price: Rs 1,495. Buy it here.

6. Candy Orange

6 bright coloured tops Burnt candy orange is a colour that looks rather stunning on our skin! And this top with pleated detailing on the bodice, will make for a great, casual OOTD! Pair it with a heavy duty neck piece and you’re good to go! Price: Rs 1,259. Buy it here.

7. Mustard Musings

7 bright coloured tops Mustard is a colour definitely worth trying if your skin is on the duskier side. It looks really pretty and brightens up your look even on a dull day. Pair this top with a fancy choker and get ready to party! Price: Rs 1,099. Buy it here.

8. Purple Galore

8 bright coloured tops A simple sleeveless top is a must-have in every girl’s closet. This purple top with an interesting back is the perfect casual chic look you should be pulling off at college. Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

9. Just Like Emerald

9 bright coloured tops Greens are always going to work in your favour… and particularly this shade of green that’s just perfect in every aspect. Add a chunky bracelet and curl your hair to wear this top from the boardroom to the bar. We bet you’ll look amazing! Price: Rs 1,249. Buy it here.

10. Pink Blush Flush

10 bright coloured tops Nothing better than a pretty pink to make you look fresh and feminine! Well this one with accordion pleated detailing is surely a winner. Pair it with some dangling earrings and throw your hair in a messy bun...you’re good to go, girl! Price: Rs 498. Buy it here.

11. Steal Some Teal

11 bright coloured tops Flared, layered and a little embellishment can look rather flattering! This top is elegant, understated glamour that makes up for its simplicity with the stunning colour! We love it!
Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

12. Marsala Madness

12 bright coloured tops Marsala is a shade in the red family that’s just 10 times more classy. It works really well with all skin tones. Just make sure you pair this with something printed and fun! Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

13. Colour Block

13 bright coloured tops The colour blocking trend may have been around for awhile now, but adding these basic colours will make you look fab! Because really, can you go wrong with black, white or red? Nope. Never! Price: Rs 448. Buy it here.

14. Awesome In Aubergine

14 bright coloured tops A keyhole neckline detail that looks so cool and sexy at the same time. This stylised sleeveless top has a bohemian touch and is perfect for every girl who has a lil wonder in her! Price: Rs 1,399. Buy it here.

15. Multicolour Strik(p)e!

15 bright coloured tops This pretty striped top in a multitude of colours will complement every skin tone. The stripes and the contrast colours will make you look absolutely and fashionably on point! Price: Rs 399. Buy it here. Start shopping, ladies! MUST READ: 35 Fashionable Tops Under Rs 1000