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15 Outfits You *Need* To Pack For Your Summer Honeymoon!

15 Outfits You *Need* To Pack For Your Summer Honeymoon!
So you’re finally going for your much-awaited honeymoon! You’ve dreamed about this holiday in the most vivid manner, haven’t you? Besides spending some exclusive time with your beau, you’ve also thought about the exotic locations you’re going to explore and most importantly what you’re going to be wearing while you are there! We’ve listed some pretty honeymoon outfits that he’s going to LOVE on you!

1. A Date Night Dress!

1 Honeymoon outfits You’ve got to plan for your special romantic vacay, that one fancy night out or the candlelight dinner with hubby dear! Wear this one shoulder dress and dazzle your way through the night, the compliments from him will never end, ladies.   POPxo Recommends: One Shoulder Sheath Dress (Rs 600)

2. The Fun Shorts And Tee Story!

2 Honeymoon outfits If you are going to a sunny location, it’s important that you pack loads of shorts! There are fuss free, give you a chance to show off your shiny legs and are super comfortable. These linen ones are airy and the combination of a light printed tee with white kicks - fun fun! POPxo Recommends: Dorothy Perkins Linen Shorts (Rs 1,095)

3. Snug Fit Jeggings And A Plain Top!

3 Honeymoon Oufits There is a reason why most of us love wearing leggings, jeggings and anything that fits well. They don’t hang on the body, they accentuate the curves and you can wear them with a top, a modern kurta or even just a shirt. Accessorize too! POPxo Recommends: High Rise Leggings With Waistband (Rs 1,076)

4. A Summery Shift Dress!

4 honeymoon outfits Pack a few of these, we say! They are feminine, flirty and add colours to those epic photographs and selfies. This pink one right here has a laidback fit with adorable cold shoulders and a bright shade, it’s made for the holiday of your dreams! Wear it with sandals or white sneakers - they can transform your look.
POPxo Recommends: Cold Shoulder Shift Dress (Rs 1,299)

5. A Pleasant Printed Top And Fitted Jeans!

5 Honeymoon Outfits For your day of excursions and adventures, you want to dress in clothes that are comfortable yet classy. Pick a range of printed tops to go along with your well-fitting jeans and you’ll always have something to wear! Match them with sandals or kicks for a painless comfy day out. POPxo Recommends: Distressed Skinny Jeans (Rs 1,600)

6. A Cute Playsuit!

6 Honeymoon outfits Let him explore the adorable side of you on vacation too. This one piece is fuss-free, simple and easy to carry off. Toss on a thin jacket and sneakers, and don’t forget your backpack. There you go, the tourist. POPxo Recommends: Strappy Denim Playsuit (Rs 520)

7. An Easy-Breezy Day Dress!

7 Honeymoon outfits Want a relaxed, airy outfit while looking gorgeous? Pair this zip dress with gladiator sandals and a hat. Oh and it's even easier to take off after a whole day of exploring the new destination! Sounds quite perfect, doesn’t it? *Wink wink*. POPxo Recommends: NEXT Sporty Zip Dress (Rs 6,390)

8. A Crop Top Along With A Sweet Skirt!

8 Honeymoon outfits For the teenage girl in you, get this combination of a crop top and a bright skirt. Be sure to carry a short jacket and put on some colourful socks and brogues to finish the look.
POPxo Recommends: Striped Crop Top (Rs 400), Red Knitted Skirt With Belt (Rs 999)

9. A Pretty Printed Maxi Dress!

9 Honeymoon outfits This is for the elegant lady. It’s your special holiday with the man of your dreams, make sure to pack a few of these easy to wear maxi dresses. They highlight your best assets and look super feminine. Printed or plain, choose your style. POPxo Recommends: MIAMINX Black Printed Maxi Dress (Rs 1,050)

10. Comfy Track Pants And A Hoodie!

10 Honeymoon outfits Besides all the sexy outfits, don’t forget to pack a few funky jogger pants and hoodies. Choose from stylish ones but girl, you’re going to need these when you are out there traversing through the unknown. Being comfortable and warm is paramount. POPxo Recommends: Sleeveless Hoodie (Rs 320), Leggings with Contrast Panels (Rs 520)

11. Maximum Grace In A Maxi Skirt!

11 honeymoon outfits We say you should add some variety to your clothing and a maxi skirt would do just that. Pick from traditional Indian ghagra skirts to some fitted knitted ones. Pair them with a complementary top and set out for a day full of excitement and shine bright in your honeymoon pictures. POPxo Recommends: Maxi Skirt With Embroidery (Rs 560)

12. A Kimono Coverall!

12 honeymoon outfits Showing off your tummy in a sexy bralette and hot pants can be reserved for the room, but just throw on a printed kimono jacket or coverall to complete the look when you step out of the hotel room. It’s boho-chic and so so attractive.
POPxo Recommends: Printed Shrug With Pom-Poms (Rs 2,299)

13. A Dressy Jumpsuit!

13 honeymoon outfits Entice him with a red hot jumpsuit that fits well because red always makes you look more attractive. It will only set the mood even more and make sure you have a great night after. POPxo Recommends: Red Solid Jumpsuit (Rs 1,200)

14. A Girly Blouse With Jeans!

14 honeymoon outfits (1) Quit the boring and leave your blah tops at home. Pick some interesting styles that let you experiment with trending clothes and tone it down with denims or leggings that you’re comfy wearing. This peplum top with flared sleeves is just so charming. POPxo Recommends: Peplum Top With Flared Sleeves (Rs 999)

15. Something For The Chilly Times!

15 honeymoon outfits You maybe be heading to a hot place for your honeymoon, but for the journey, it’s best to carry a cardigan or something sassier like this stylish shrug right here. You can wear this with a crop top, jeans and booties for a polished look. POPxo Recommends: Dorothy Perkins Grey Shrug (Rs 1,883) It’s time to go honeymoon shopping, ladies!