What Are The Best Hair Colour Ideas For *Your* Skin Tone?

What Are The Best Hair Colour Ideas For *Your* Skin Tone?
Waking up with fabulous hair can make your whole day so much better, right? Well, to help ensure that your hair always does look fabulous on you, we tell you what hair color you should be going for...based on your skin tone! Should you stay away from blonde-browns and go for reds? Well, read on to find out!

How To Choose Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

It is confusing to choose your hair colour which is perfectly suitable on your skin tone. Read on to know what colour goes best with your skin tone! Lighter Skin Tone Medium Skin Tone Duskier Skin Tone

For Lighter Skin Tones

1. Cool Browns

a 1 hair colour If you have a fairer skin tone, you can try light brown as a shade for your next dye job. It looks fab on lighter skin tones but tends to wash out duskier ones. We would suggest you stay away from blonde colours as they don’t suit Indian complexions and only go for a few streaks mixed with the brown if you must.

2. Jet Black

a 2 hair colour Image: Mickey Contractor on Instagram Our hair is often dark brown… so instead of colouring it lighter, why not go for a jet black look? The contrast with lighter skin tones can make it look stunning! If you’re looking to make jaws drop, we say go for some jet black lowlights if you don’t want a global colour.

3. Deep Red

a 3 hair colour Red is the colour that can really flatter Indian skin tones. If you have fairer skin, you can opt for a global warm red colour. People with duskier skin look amazing with deep red highlights.

For Medium Skin Tones

1. Warm Browns

b 1 hair colour Image: Anushka Sharma on Instagram Shades of warm brown like mocha look gorgeous on medium skin tones. Again, we would suggest you steer clear of blonde and stick to warmer shades of brown to enhance your natural hair colour.

2. Auburn

b 2 hair colour Auburn is really a stunning shade for Indian skin tones. If you have a wheatish complexion, go for Auburn to really bring a glow to your face!

3. Copper

b 3 hair colour Image: Esha Gupta on Instagram A shade that looks so pretty without washing you out! Whether you’re going for a few highlights or a full dye job, we’re sure you’ll look fab. Go for copper if you want a shade that complements your medium to tan skin tone!

For Duskier Skin Tones

1. Burgundy

c 1 hair colour Image: Shilpa Shetty Kundra on Instagram Burgundy is the perfect shade for duskier Indian skin tones. A deep burgundy looks oh so lovely and glam. We think this is definitely the colour you should be sporting in 2017 if you want compliments galore!

2. Dark Browns

c 2 hair colour Image: Kajol Devgan on Instagram Some lovely chocolate brown highlights are a fabulous option for duskier beauties. You can go for balayage instead of stark streaks if you like a softer look, or you can mix some lighter brown streaks with your dark brown global colour. Either way, we promise you’ll be the centre of attention!

3. Light Brown Highlights

c 3 hair colour While we suggest that you avoid a global light brown hair colour as that can wash you out, we think light brown streaks on your natural hair can look gorgeous! You can also experiment with more vibrant shades like reds and purples as intense colours really complement duskier complexions.