13 Things People Only Say To Tall Girls - Just WHYYY?!

13 Things People Only Say To Tall Girls - Just WHYYY?!
Us tall girl are not aliens, okay. Nor are we a different species. We don't exist in a different layer of the atmosphere, and we definitely don't take kindly to be called ‘lambudeen’. Here are some other things tall girls are so totally tired of hearing!

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1. ‘Tere liye ladka kaise mile ga?’

Arre aunty, aaj kal some guys mention height on Tinder. Don't worry!

2. ‘Why do you need to wear heels?!’

So I have a legit reason to look down on you?

3. ‘Iske bachche to bade lambe hoyenge!’

MERE bachche? You mean to tell me I'm not a bachcha anymore?!

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4. ‘You found a boyfriend? What is he, 7 feet tall?’

Thanks, best friend, knew I could count on you to make fun of my love life as soon as it came into existence.

5. ‘Beta, kambal upar se nikal do!’

Would my mother even notice it if I was replaced one day by a really long ladder?

6. ‘You must be very good at sports, na?’

You've clearly never seen my eyes and hands try to coordinate with each other.

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7. ‘Arre, bend a little na, I can't see anything!’

Yes, yes, God forbid you miss one precious second of this boring speech.

8. ‘Why don't you sit while everyone else stands?’

What am I, the queen? Actually, that does sound like a nice idea...

9. ‘Oh, but you must have tried modelling at some point.’

Yes, of course, let's forget that I spent three years working hard in grad school for a degree because I'm TALL. Makes sense.

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10. ‘You're not fat, you're SO tall!’

Those two things are NOT connected. It's an illusion, don't fall for it!

11. ‘I don't like standing next to you, I feel so short!’

Sorry to burst that bubble of yours, but maybe that's because you ARE short?

12. ‘Yeh dress thodi short haina?’

Nahi, maa, meri legs thodi zaada long hai!

12 tall girls

13. ‘Bachpan mein kya khilaya tha isey?’

Baingan, bharta, bhindi…nahi khilaya tha. Want more tips?!

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