#BeautyDiaries: I Coloured My Hair Once, Twice, Thrice And Then…

#BeautyDiaries: I Coloured My Hair Once, Twice, Thrice And Then…
I hate haircuts. I feel like I am paying too much to lose too much. Plus my hair takes many, many years to grow back. So by the time I was old enough to not need my mum around for a haircut, I stopped getting my hair cut at all. Till, college happened to me.

College felt like such a huge change in my life that I felt like breaking all the rules and donning a new avatar. So after keeping away from the hairdresser for years, I returned back to him. I told him to treat my precious hair with care and give them a new life.

Chop, chop, chop... his scissors went on and I refused to look at myself in the mirror till he was done. And when he was done, the change was striking. He had layered my hair and given me bangs, and because my hair had amazing volume and shine, they looked great even without a blow dry.

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So, a month later, I decided to go a step further and get red highlights. I was equal parts nervous and excited, and when my hairdresser was done, I felt like I it had been the best decision of my life. The red highlights made my hair look so badass, I just loved it. Plus, back then, everybody in college thought they were really “cool” too, so I loved it even more.  I was super busy showing it off, all the time.

Internal coloured my hair

Two months later, however, the colour started fading to a sad golden-bronze and I had to visit my hairdresser again for a touch-up. But, in a flash of brilliance, I figured that if I was getting my hair coloured, then I might as well try a new colour. And with that, I asked my hairdresser to colour my highlights blue.

But to my surprise, the blue colour blended in with my hair in such a way that it wasn’t even visible! And with subsequent washes, as it turned lighter, it started turning a weird silvery-grey colour. It was like bits of grey had cropped up in my hair, overnight. Oh, it was so bad that you can’t even imagine. I thought I had learnt my lesson but the universe wasn’t done teaching me one.

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When I visited my hairdresser to correct my blue-turned-grey highlights, he just gave me an “I told you so” look, and enticed me towards a bright green that looked irresistible on the model who was flaunting it.

My poor heart gave in, and a few hours later my hair showed some nice green hints. It looked nice, to be honest, but my hair didn’t feel as nice. I had lost so much hair in the previous months and then my hair quality had severely suffered too. From voluminous and shiny hair, I now had limp, dry, rough and easily breakable hair.

Plus, coloured hair was no longer the new thing now and people often commented on my hair quality more than my hair colour. So, I resolved to leave my hair alone and let them recover from all my abuse. It’s been two years since my crazy red, blue, green experimenting happened, and my hair is still reeling from the shock of it all. My locks are trying to return to their days of glory, slowly, but surely.