Boyfriend’s Away? 8 Ways To Make Him Miss You *More*!

Boyfriend’s Away? 8 Ways To Make Him Miss You *More*!
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder… But when it comes to men – things get a bit tricky. And unpredictable. You never know how much he misses you, especially when he is away. And mostly just because he won't always tell you! Here’s how you can you make sure he thinks of you fondly even when he isn’t around and that the distance between the two of you doesn’t take over!

1. Send sweet messages

Romantic ones of yearning but don’t choke him with your mushiness! Talk about your and his favourite memory, tell him you miss him or that he is on your mind for a reason. Let it be genuine so that he knows you're being sincere and thinking of him.

1 ways to make him miss you more

2. But don’t always reply promptly

When he send you those "I love you"s and "I miss you"s… Don’t reply instantly! Even if you are the kinds who is constantly answering texts, just wait. The few extra minutes of wait will make him miss you so much more!

3. Go hang out and have fun

… With your besties and have a blast! This will not only keep you occupied but also drive him crazy that he is not over there, next to you! Tip: Keep the boys, he doesn't particularly like, out of this plan so that it doesn’t backfire!

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4. Send him gifts

There are dozens of e-commerce sites that deliver the same day. Show some love by buying him something he wants or needs. Think a cute pair of socks or headphones – just to remind him how loved he is!

4 ways to make him miss you more

5. Make him call

Are you the one constantly calling him? You can easily change that. Leave him a message saying, you're done with your day and that he should call you when he gets free. And he will for sure - and miss you until then!

6. Send cute pictures and videos

Cute… Not sexy or revealing! A picture of you making a kissy face or a video that shows you are at his favourite place in town but are gloomy that he is not around… Don't go overboard, but just enough to make him think of you at random times!

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7. Give him space

Your life clearly doesn't revolve around your man - so don't let him think it does. Give him his space and when he realizes that you're giving him this time away from you and that you're totally cool with it, he'll automatically want to spend that time with you!

7 ways to make him miss you more

8. Dress to impress

One basic rule of making a man miss you is by looking amazing even without him. Look your absolute best both physically and mentally and watch him yearn for you! Update you Facebook profile with a breathtaking new photo - he'll be staring at it for ages!

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