6 Super Cute Hairstyles…Perfect For Working Out!

6 Super Cute Hairstyles…Perfect For Working Out!
We all love to stay fit and a good workout is what keeps us on our toes. If done right, it gives you the confidence to flaunt that summer body you’ve always wanted. But while it is easy to get your outfit on point, the real struggle we all face while working out is keeping our hair in place. What hairstyle stays in place during a workout and makes you look like a diva at the same time? Here are 7 cute, stylish and simple hairstyles that give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

1. A neat ponytail

The classic and pretty hairstyle is always a good idea if you want your locks to stay off your face. It takes just seconds to accomplish and also highlights an oval face. Get rid of tiny flyaways using either Vaseline or a mixture of two drops of water and one drop of oil - these hacks help them stay in place and give you a neat look. Even better, push them away with colourful hair bands to jazz up your look. This hairstyle is best for cardio workouts.

6 pretty hairstyles 1

2. Braided or bubble ponytail

If you don’t like ponytails and the idea of a lot of hair brushing against your back then a braided pony is a better option for you. Pull all your hair back into a regular ponytail and after you tie it, braid your hair and fasten it with another hair tie at the end. If you are too lazy to braid your hair, you can tie two or more rubber bands along the length of the ponytail to create a bubble ponytail instead with this simple hairstyle!

6 pretty hairstyles 2

3. The side braid

If braiding your hair the usual way is too mainstream for you, try the side braid. Start braiding right at your hairline (near your forehead) and continue diagonally, all the way till the tip of your hair. This is the easiest way to tame those bangs and reduce flyaways. Apart from taking care of your hair while working out, use Fitbit Alta which will take care of your steps, calories and sleep - all at the same time. What’s more, it totally compliments your outfit too! You’re welcome. ;)

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4. Cornrow braids

A pretty hairstyle like Cornrow braids require a little patience but can make you look absolutely badass while working out. Divide your hair into sections so that the braiding becomes easy and so that one row does not get in the way of another. You can either braid it from your forehead to the nape of your neck and tie the rest of the hair as a loose ponytail or braid it past the neck till the tips of your hair. Whatever floats your boat. ;)

6 pretty hairstyles 4

5. Cute pigtails

Pigtails are not just for kids. It is a great simple hairstyle if you have thick hair and want to some take years off your face to make you look younger. Try the traditional pigtail by parting your hair down the middle in two sections and plait each side starting from the nape of your neck. Warning: this style ups the cute factor and you could be mistaken for a 12-year-old. *wink*

6 pretty hairstyles 5

6. Hello hat hair

Bad hair day? We’ve got your back! On days when your hair just doesn’t listen to you, tie a bun and wear a cap. It’ll make you look sporty while keeping your hair in place. You can even try wearing a bandana to push your loose strands away from your face.

6 pretty hairstyles 6

Get set to look at yourself in the mirror in the middle of the workout and go “Uh-huh, hottie!”.

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