7 Saree Styling Tricks If You Don’t Want To Show Your Tummy!

7 Saree Styling Tricks If You Don’t Want To Show Your Tummy!

Even though we love wearing sarees, we might not always be comfortable showing off our midriff. Here are some saree styles that actually don’t reveal too much and are therefore perfect for the girl who wants to hide her tummy! We’re here to tell you how to wear a saree to look slim, how to choose your saree wisely and never be conscious of your body… because you are beautiful!

Tips on How To Wear A Saree to Look Slim

1. Wear It With A Long Blouse!

1 saree styles to look slimmer Image: Namrata Soni On Instagram Our style diva shows us how to dress elegantly in a saree. You want to wear a saree, you don’t necessarily have to wear it with a short blouse. Sonam wears it with a blouse top and still looks charming. It’s her elan that makes this such a gorgeous look! I’ve tried this myself and it sure looks different!

2. Keep An Open Pallu!

2 saree styles to look slimmer Image: Ami Patel On Instagram The best thing to do when you want to conceal the stomach is letting your saree pallu flow, just like Kangana. You can choose a fabric that isn’t super sheer and get this look. With the saree falling like this, you’ll still look sophisticated. In fact, it’s also the best way to show off the beautiful details on the saree!

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3. Choose The Right Fabric!

3 saree styles to look slimmer Image: Ami Patel On Instagram If you are not too confident about showing off your stomach, choose fabrics that are thicker, more opaque. Chiffon or net is a little transparent tend to show off the skin underneath. Fabrics like brocade silk, crepe, printed georgettes and thick cotton are your friends. Madhuri is looking gorgeous in a brocade silk saree, along with the open pallu - just what we needed.

4. Drapes Can Transform The Look!  

4 saree styles to look slimmer Image: Sonam Kapoor On Instagram When wearing a long blouse, make sure to drape the saree in a way that it highlights your best assets. Sonam wisely chooses to hang her pallu lose, showing off her kediya blouse. If you’re covering the saree in a regular pallu while wearing a long blouse, you might look broader!  

5. Draw Attention Elsewhere!

5 saree styles to look slimmer Image: Sabyasachi On Instagram Kalki carries this saree style with such finesse and we cannot wait to get us one of these. The key to taking away attention from certain body parts is by drawing attention somewhere else. We’re intrigued by the extra gathers at the hemline instead of ordinary pleats. The pallu covers the mid area gracefully and the open back adds the sexiness to it!

6. Layer It Up With A Cape Or A Jacket!

6 saree styles to look slimmer ImageNamrata Soni On Instagram Trust us, the fashion police are not going to arrest you if you try this trend! Drape a saree with a non-conservative blouse and throw on a cape or a jacket on top. With all this going on the outfit, nobody will be focusing on the stomach area. It looks hot and so unique!

7. Walk With Grace!

7 saree styles to look slimmer Image: Sonakshi Sinha On Instagram The key to looking flawless and carrying off the saree with great flair is the way you walk in it. Sonakshi shows us how to strike a pose in this pretty pastel saree. The pallu is let loose yet tucked in at the elbow, not showing off the skin on the side and yet looking so amazing. HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: How To Make Your Arms Look Slimmer In Sleeveless Outfits! MUST-READ: 9 Styling Tricks To Look Slimmer (And Taller!) In Your Jeans!