7 Awesome Gifts To Give Your “Fitness Freak” Friend!

7 Awesome Gifts To Give Your “Fitness Freak” Friend!
Buying a gift for anyone involves a lot of brainstorming and it gets very difficult to figure out what to get. Imagine the level of difficulty to get something for a friend who eats and breathes fitness! It's not easy to maintain a fitness regime and they surely deserve to be rewarded. If you are stumped out on what to get for your fitness freak friend, here are 7 things we suggest that will help you spoil your fit friend.

1. Fitness Tanks

Fitness tanks are must haves for anyone who loves to workout. Not just because they look uber cool but also because they are super airy and the fabric they come in is very comfortable. They are mostly designed to accentuate your physique and so if you have a friend who has a great body then this should surely be one of the top priorities.

gift for your fitness freak friend 1

2. A sipper

If you have a fitness freak friend then you would surely know how much they value their little friend - the sipper! They always have one in their hand either for their protein shakes or simply some water. Everyone who loves to workout knows how important it is to keep themselves hydrated so you should not think twice before getting a colourful sipper for them.

gift for your fitness freak friend 2

3. Fitbit Alta

Fitness and Fitbit go hand in hand. What better gift than a Fitbit that tracks their workouts, sleep and calories, to mention a few. Even if they are not hardcore fitness maniacs, they will love it because it will help them monitor their day to day activities. This little gadget is very comfortable to wear around the wrist and looks very attractive (and also has a great battery life!).

gift for your fitness freak friend 3

4. Earphones

We all love to listen to music and a lot of you will agree that good, peppy loud music gets you going while working out. Most gymnasiums have good music but nothing gets people grooving as much as their own playlist. They are a great companion even when people decide to just go for a run. So bottom line, music is always a good idea! Good quality earphones which will keep your fit buddy grooving is a great option. Thank us when they thank you ;)

gift for your fitness freak friend 4

5. Fitness books

These are books that will get all the fitness buffs reading no matter how much they hate to read (Yeah! It's like a magnet!). There are many books on fitness which include fiction and biographies which will keep them motivated throughout the year. Gift them a nice book on fitness depending on the genre they like and they will love you forever!

gift for your fitness freak friend 5

6. A cool yoga mat

Anyone who loves fitness will agree that yoga calms you down and helps you lose weight at the same time. So, why not provide your calm fitness buddy with a cool colourful yoga mat? Or even better- a yoga mat that has quirky quotes written on it. It will surely help them stay motivated.

gift for your fitness freak friend 6

7. Fitness kit

If you are still confused and want to give a little bit of everything then the best thing to do is get a little of everything! Get their favourite knick knacks like nutrition bars, a wrist bands, hand towels and other small things they may use frequently. Place them in a cute pouch and put a bow on it! It's the best way to give them everything at once ;)

gift for your fitness freak friend 7

*This is a sponsored post for Fitbit Alta.