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6 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOOOVE Colourful Clothes!

6 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOOOVE Colourful Clothes!

Some of us just can’t deal with dull, monochrome clothes. We find them too sad! For us, the more colourful the outfit, the better it is. Here’s a fun list of 6 things you’ll relate to if you’re a person who loves wearing colourful clothes...

1. Summer vs. winter

Summer is probably your favourite season as there is an abundance of colourful clothes in your favourite stores. But this doesn’t mean you give into dark colours during the winters; it just means you have to make a little extra effort to find warm clothes that are brightly coloured.

2. Colourful clothes on display

Whenever you go shopping, you have to step into every store which has a lot of colourful and printed outfits on display. Especially while passing a Lifestyle store, you could swear your heart skipped a beat or two after seeing the gorgeous ColourMe by Melange collection being displayed. If you could, you’d buy them all! girl who loves colourful clothes

3. Perplexed by people in black...

You genuinely don’t understand how some people can wear only black and grey all the time. You can’t help but wonder if they are always sad. An all black outfit is the LAST thing that you’d ever choose while shopping!

4. Easiest person to shop for

Your friends all agree that you’re the easiest person to shop for! Be it clothes or accessories, they know your love for brightly coloured things is undying. You can tell your friends to check out the funky accessories collection at Melange by Lifestyle. You can even ask them to buy you the ones you’re absolutely in love with, for your birthday. ;) girl who loves colourful clothes

5.  Muted makeup

With all the colourful clothes you wear, you have learnt the art of subtle make-up! Now you’re a complete pro at applying minimal makeup to balance out your colourful clothes. Even your accessories are such that they go with almost every colour on the planet!

6. Moody blues

You have bad days sometimes. But you always turn to your colourful outfits to lift your spirits. The problems may not go away but your mood definitely gets better when you turn to your favourite outfits. Add some more vibrancy to your wardrobe with colourful kurtas from ColourMe by Melange, which range from Rs 999 to Rs 2,399. girls who love colourful clothes

7. Spotted!

You’re easy to spot anywhere! If you get separated from your friends in a crowded place, you just have to stand in one place till one of them finds you. And when you go out dancing or partying, you’re totally the center of attention. ;)

8. Confidence is key

Not everyone understands your fashion choices and you’re totally fine with it. You have enough confidence in your own fashion sense to carry off the bright-coloured clothes you love with great ease. You go, girl! girl who loves colourful clothes * This is a sponsored post for Lifestyle. Shop the collection here.
Published on Jun 10, 2016
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