8 Pretty Kurtas You Can Even Style As A Dress! (So. Much. Win!)

8 Pretty Kurtas You Can Even Style As A Dress! (So. Much. Win!)
What’s better than having two outfits in one? Not a lot! Which is why pretty much everyone is going crazy about the kurta-as-a-dress trend. Here are 8 kurtas we’ve picked for you which you can also easily style as a dress!

1. The Girly Night-Out

kurtas you can style as dressesThis pink number can be styled as a dress for a night out with your besties. The delicate lacing on the hem and the sleeves give it a fun and girly look. Just throw on a long chain necklace and some ballet flats and step out looking like the vivacious, pretty young thing you are!

Price: Rs 1,155 (at 65% discount!) Buy it here.

2. The Glam Babe

kurtas you can style as dresses

Oh, that colour! Doesn’t it just remind of a luxurious holiday on the beach with the ever-so-blue skies? And the intricate embroidery on this kurti is just perfect for when you want to convert it into a dress to pull off a fusion look.

Price: Rs 1,041 (at 55% discount!) Buy it here.

3. The Tasteful Hi-Lo

kurtas you can style as dresses

The uneven hem on this kurta keeps it engaging, even as the simple red border adds a tasteful, almost colonial Calcutta aura. Think Victoria Memorial, think bhadralok, think clean lines. Wear it without leggings and cinch the waist with a narrow, fluorescent-coloured belt, maybe throw on a sunhat (or would you rather a parasol?), and voila! You’ve stepped into modernity, with a fashionable hi-lo dress.

Price: Rs 1,199 (at 20% discount!) Buy it here.

4. The Lace Romance

kurtas you can style as dresses

Perfect for date night, the romance in this kurti is like that of a latticed window from Mughal architecture. Flowy, serene, and full of history. Like Shah Jahan transformed white marble into a love note for his begum Mumtaz, so can this black kurti be transformed into a dress to exude elusive coquetry to your guy. Because real love blossoms when you challenge gender roles.

Price: Rs 1,699. Buy it here.

5. One Printed Summer

kurtas you can style as dresses

Indian summers are about staying in, staying cool, not really stepping out in town. Forget whatever western media tells you about the summer happiness of blue skies and yellow sunshine - if you’re a true desi you’ll know what summers are really like! Indian summers, they are beige. Like this crepe kurta, which is perfect for both traditional wear in the long hot days, as well as for styling as a maxi dress in the warm summery nights.

Price: Rs 1,049 (at 40% discount!) Buy it here.

6. The Kaftan Affair

kurtas you can style as dresses

This kaftan kurta will keep you not just cool and breezy when styled with Indian wear, but also add exoticness and an oriental charm when worn as a dress. With the right styling (watch out for the sheerness of the fabric when wearing it as a dress!), you can definitely pull off the wild fairy look with this affair.

Price: Rs 872 (at 65% discount) Buy it here.

7. Layers Aren’t Your Enemy

kurtas you can style as dresses

This is what an Indo-western LBD must look like. My favourite thing about this kurta is the layered pleating at the bottom, which gives it a young, bold and adventurous feel. Wear this solo like a shift dress, or add a belt and make yourself look like a skater girl, version Indian.

Price: Rs 720 (at 52% discount!) Buy it here.

8. Fresh As Green

kurtas you can style as dresses

What’s more refreshing than green? It’s the colour of harvest, it’s the colour of new life. And it could also be the colour of your kurta/ dress. Wear this as a maxi or an anarkali to impress.

Price: Rs 1,000 (at 50% discount!) Buy it here.

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