The ONLY Tricks You Need To Get Your Dream Lehenga!

The ONLY Tricks You Need To Get Your Dream Lehenga!
Going for your bridal lehenga shopping can be a confusion of sorts! There’s just so much out there in the market, and finding your dream piece in your budget within all your specifications is just not easy. Here are 12 things to keep in mind when you go bridal lehenga shopping.

1. It’s not a family outing!

Just take your sister and mom with you. Taking along your relatives or friends for this buy may not be a good idea. Too many suggestions, feedback and advice will only make it more confusing and a tiresome process.

bridal lehenga shopping

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2. Time it right

If you buy your lehenga a little too early, chances are you might have doubts about it when you spot newer pieces later during the trousseau shopping. Also, don’t start too late because bridal lehengas take time to get made. At the very least, you must finish your search 6 months in advance.

3. Have a budget

You need to have a firm budget in mind before you start the search. Have a price range in mind with your maximum limit perfectly defined. Do not enter stores that you already know are above your budget. It will just make you crave an outfit that is not in your budget and you may not like anything else after that!

4. Handling the shopwallahs

No matter how friendly they seem, don’t fall for their banter! Do not disclose your posh wedding venue or they’ll instantly increase prices. Also when they ask for your budget, tell them a little lesser than what you’ve thought of. If you do not like what they show, take up the budget a little.

bridal lehenga shopping

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5. Wear the right clothes

Going lehenga shopping? Best to wear a pair of jeggings or well fitted denims with a tight, neutral-coloured top. You’ll be trying out the lehenga over your clothes, and fitted bottoms are necessary to get a better idea of the fit and fall of the skirt. A neutral top is better than a striking colour as it won’t interfere with the colour of the lehenga.

6. Weather matters

Do keep in mind the month of your wedding. Lighter shades, lesser work and cooler fabrics work for summers whereas for a winter wedding you could opt for deep shades and heavier fabrics.

7. Cut down the price

Found something you absolutely love but is a little above your budget? Tweak it a bit to suit your budget. Removing a strip of one border can save you as much as 10K! If you are going in for a double dupatta, reduce the work on one of the dupattas to further lower the cost. You could even cut down on blouse borders if you plan to have a front drape.

bridal lehenga shopping

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8. Custom-made? Do see the real deal

It’s great to have your bridal lehenga custom-made. But do not settle for something you haven’t seen. The shopkeeper may show you a lehenga that is deep red and take an order to get the same thing made a shade lighter. Avoid being surprised (or shocked). Insist on seeing the fabric and embroidery swatches at every stage if you are opting for a designer or boutique.


9. The star trick

If you’re not looking for the typical heavy red lehenga then the best trick is to ask for a sangeet lehenga instead. The moment you mention bridal joda, the prices automatically go higher!

10. Keep an open mind

Have a set lehenga in mind? You may make endless trips to every store and never find it! It’s best not to get too stuck on a certain style or design. And also avoid making impulse buys. Keep an open and cool mind when it comes to wedding planning!

bridal lehenga shopping

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11. Take pictures!

In most cases it’s not allowed to take pictures, but if you can work your way around it, do get pictures of lehengas you end up liking. It’ll help you give it a second thought once you're back home and you can also match it to your wedding day jewellery if it’s already been bought.

12. Make it a great buy!

Now that you’ve done your research and even have pictures of outfits, sit down and go through all your options. If you do have a photographer friend he/she will be able to help you with colours that look good on camera. For instance, navy blue never looks great in pictures. A designer friend may be able to help out with fabrics and silhouettes that will flatter your body type.

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