8 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Been To Law School!

8 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Been To Law School!
So you decided to go to law school, yeah? How did that turn out? A law student’s life is a whole mixed bag of the sweet and the sorry - and here are 8 things which every law student in India will totally get!

1. You are SO tired of all the lawyer jokes

People start making those lawyer jokes as soon as you get admission into a law college - and you laugh along because you are a good soul. But OH MY GOD! Then they NEVER seem to stop!!

1 - life in law school

2. Exam time means staying up all night...

Every semester (or trimester) exam time feels like the shizz… You stay up all night trying to understand complicated concepts you didn’t bother with the entire term!

3. Every other person asks you for legal advice

Be it chacha, or maami, they will all rush to you with their most complicated legal problems… And usually, you have no clue what they are talking about!

3 - life in law school

4. Competition at moot courts is frying your brain

You cannot have escaped the wrath of the mooting season. Memorials, moot problem, table of references, oral arguments… You spend literally months working on them, only to have the judge throw you out of the courtroom within 3 minutes! Looks like you just landed in hell’s kitchen, yo! Only to do it again, hah!

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5. You have developed an awesome fashion sense

Because if going through law school teaches you something, it is definitely how to look presentable and dress FANTASTIC the minute you roll out of bed!

5 - life in law school

6. You cannot help dropping random legal maxims in normal conversation

Oh yes, mens rea and force majeure! Your non-law friends are super annoyed with you for cracking all these obscure legal jokes - but you cannot help it! Maybe time to say res ipsa loquitur? :P

7. You lead a pressure cooker life

Between the lectures, moot courts, interviews and exams, you barely have time for your own life! You feel you are at the brink of a nervous breakdown every moment of the day!

7 - life in law school

8. But thankfully, your college parties are legendary!

Because nobody knows how to party harder than a law student. The YOLO slogan was invented by law students, so you gotta love this life! ;)

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