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7 Tips For The Not-So-Tall Bride (No, We Don't Mean Heels!)

7 Tips For The Not-So-Tall Bride (No, We Don't Mean Heels!)
So the wedding is drawing near, and you want to be the centre of it. After all, it is YOUR big day! Are you the petite kind who tends to get lost in the crowd, and would rather not kill herself by wearing heels throughout the long hours (and days!) of wedding festivities? Here's how you can look tall at your wedding without heels! :P

1. Put your hair up

If you wanna look taller, I just cannot emphasise how important it is to either wear your hair shorter, or put it up in an elegant high bun for the wedding day. Longer hair has a tendency to add volume to your overall appearance, thus making you appear even shorter. So while it is tempting to show off your gorgeous locks for your wedding, if appearing taller is a priority, try a jooda. All that added hair piled on the top of your head will also give you that added height! look tall at your wedding without heels Image: Shutterstock

2. Wear cropped cholis and blouses

The shorter your wedding choli or blouse, the taller you will look. That’s why fabulous bridal wear designers, like Nikhil Thampi here, throw in a lot of cropped upper wear in their wedding collections. Because which bride wants to appear short?! look tall at your wedding without heels Image: Nikhil Thampi on Instagram Longer blouses and cholis create a waistline which is often below your actual waist. Such waistlines tend to cut your body in half much lower down your torso, which means that you can appear to have way shorter legs. Avoid that situation with a cropped choli or blouse for your wedding.

3. Wear a deep and linear neckline

There are tons of designs when it comes to choosing a lehenga or sari blouse for your wedding. And while a unique and complicated neckline may look attractive at first sight,  if you’re looking to create the illusion of enhanced height, you should go for a simple linear neckline, which may be cut deep.
look tall at your wedding without heels Image: Shutterstock V-necks or variations of it are awesome that way, because they make the eyes of the viewer follow a vertical line along your figure, which means, voila!, you suddenly look taller!

4. Choose your lehengas or saris in same-colour embroideries

Embroidery is big when it comes to wedding attire. Especially for the bride’s dress, lots of embroidery is a must, since the tradition of embroidery is an old and admired one in many parts of India. So do choose a well-embroidered trousseau, my dear bride! But if you choose an embroidery which comes in the same colour, or at least, in a similar colour as the fabric it is worked upon, it’ll be great for creating an illusion of height for you. Because too many contrasts in your look WILL make you appear shorter! As Sonam Kapoor illustrates, similar colours are the way to go, my petite bride! look tall at your wedding without heels Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

5. Wear long jewellery

By which I mean choose necklaces and earrings and tikas which fall vertically, than those which cover more details in the horizontal way.   look tall at your wedding without heels
  Image: Shutterstock For example, the woman on the left here wears jewellery which has a longer chain length (as well as long earrings!), and falls downwards, than the jewellery of the woman on the right, which covers more of the horizontal area of her neck. That’s why even without a full-length view, the woman on the left appears taller because the viewer’s eye is drawn vertically, along her height. And not along her breadth, which is what happens when we see the woman on the right. Got it? Then what’re you waiting for? Use this trick!

6. Don’t mix too many colours

The more colours you throw in, the more chaotic your look becomes. More chaos means you appear smaller because there is just too much going on in your wedding saree or lehenga. Minimal colour mixing can give even a short, heavyset appearance look taller!   look tall at your wedding without heels

7. Try pointy, arched makeup

Appearing taller is all about creating fine lines with your look, and using your makeup to get that effect is an obvious way, but somehow, this trick is never discussed as often. look tall at your wedding without heels Image: Shutterstock Fine lines are all about creating arched eyebrows, a well-defined lip, a contoured jawline, high cheekbones, as well as a sharp eyeline. Taken together, these aspects manage to create length-enhancing features in your look, and that magically adds inches to your height!
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