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How To Style Your Saree For Maximum Glam? Team POPxo Shows You!

How To Style Your Saree For Maximum Glam? Team POPxo Shows You!
Most Indian girls love wearing this nine yards of beauty, and many times are confused about how to make it look even more graceful. So here’s Team POPxo showing you how they’ve draped and styled their favorite saree to inspire your next saree style!

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1. The Shaded Beauty!

How to style a saree

Avisha Chaudhary, Social Media Coordinator

“Since I was first-timing the saree, I wanted it to be special. I found the perfect pink georgette saree from my mom’s closet. I fell in love with the dual shaded tones of pink the minute I saw it. So feminine and delicate. Since the saree was simple, I wanted the blouse to be heavy. I matched it with a beautiful, hand embroidered blouse and finished the look with chand balis and a high bun."

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2. The Silken Magic!

How to style a saree

Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

“I love wearing sarees, and because my mother has her own saree boutique, I was always enamoured by all those gorgeous sarees. But what really caught my eye was this beautiful lime green-rani pink saree from her own personal collection. She hadn’t worn this in 20 years and I was more than delighted to wear it. This is pretty much where my love affair with silk sarees began - at a friend’s wedding!"

3. The Silk-Cotton Grace!  

How to style a saree

Pradipta Sarkar, Associate Editor

“I wear sarees a fair bit, mostly because I find them super comfortable. (Yes, they are comfortable!) This one is a favourite simply because it drapes very easily, and the silk-cotton fabric is great even for hot days. Plus, neutral colours with a bright border - always office-appropriate!”

4. The Aqua-Gold Duo!

How to style a saree

Samridhi Bhutani, Quality Assurance Engineer

“I wore this saree to my college farewell. It was the first time I was wearing a saree and I was so confused, but this saree from my grandma’s closet was everything that I was looking for! From the color to the lightness of the fabric and the gold borders, they all just suit my personality so well!

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5. The Crimson Charm!

How to style a saree

Divya Sharma, Trending Editor

“This is one of my favorite sarees, not just because of the color, but because the saree is so lightweight - it’s easy to carry off. The surface embroidery adds a lot of elegance and drama to the saree and the blouse just complements the red so well. It was a total hit when I wore it in London, where not many girls were wearing a saree!”

6. The Champagne Wonder!

How to style a saree

Tanaya Seth, Editorial Coordinator

“I wore this lace and net saree to a day family function! My mother and I picked this up as soon as we saw this, because we both loved it so much. I was looking for something unique and this fit the bill! I love the shiny satin petticoat that adds more shimmer to the saree!”

7. The Comfortable Companion!

How to style a saree

Parul Budhkar, Associate Editor, Hindi

“I wear sarees to the office very often, and when I do, I pick cotton fabrics so that there are no hassles the whole day! I always prefer to wear this special saree because of the colors and because it feels comfortable and cool in summers, all day long!”

8. The Classic Stunner!

How to style a saree

Simar Rana, Lifestyle Editor

“The reason I picked this red Chantilly lace saree is because I've always been a fan of anything classic! And what better than a gorgeous lace saree to go for that classic look! I’ve kept rest of the look simple by teaming this up with a black blouse and just a mang tika to add some sparkle."

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9. The Elegant Goddess!

How to style a saree

Anushree Sharma, Product Manager

“I was racking my brain about what to wear for my best friend's wedding when I found this old saree in my aunt's closet! One look at it and I knew this was it! I have always been a non-OTT person, and I absolutely fell in love with this elegant and pretty saree!”

10. The Hint Of Sparkling Gold And Red!

How to style a saree

Priyanka Ghura, Beauty Editor

“I chose this beautiful saree because I felt that it was perfect for a wedding. I love that the color is so unorthodox and the dash of red and gold makes it super festive. It blends well with my personality and I feel very confident when I wear this.”

11. The Golden Midnight!

How to style a saree

Dakshee Haryani, Social Media Coordinator

“From my mom’s huge saree collection, I always loved this black lace saree the most. I finally got the chance to wear it for a friend’s reception. I opted for a high neck blouse in velvet with lots of gold detailing, because it manages to add enough glam to the look, and there’s no need to accessorise much then. The simple lace saree perfectly complemented my gold and black velvet blouse, which is my favorite combination of fabrics too.”

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12. The Printed Glamour

How to style a saree

Ankita Maheshwari, Social Media Coordinator

“I wore this printed saree for my college freshers’ party. The best thing about this is the lovely color and the crepe fabric. It’s super comfortable for me to run around in and work the whole day without having to get my drapes messed up. I bought this is Kolkata at a boutique, where I get most of my sarees from.”

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