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How To Make Your Wedding Outfits Last A Really Long Time!!

How To Make Your Wedding Outfits Last A Really Long Time!!
Every shaadi season, we stock up on the latest in wedding fashions and the tailor becomes our BFF. But come summer, your blinged-out wedding clothes lie forgotten in a corner of your closet and the next time you unfold them - you realise that their ‘sparkle’ has become somewhat dull. So what do you have to do to make sure your wedding clothes last more than a few seasons? Read on…

1. Silky Folds

Your gorgeous silk saris and dupattas should ideally not be folded too much, as it is detrimental to the fabric’s natural fall. Use hangers to store these, and keep them at a longer length avoiding more folds than necessary.

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2. Muslin Lovin’

Yes, your grandma got it right. Wrapping up your lehengas and shararas in muslin cloth is THE best way to make them last longer. Muslin is proven to prevent the wear and tear of time!

3. Plastic Power

Invest in plastic envelopes to store individual pieces and prevent any tangling of embroidery. These envelopes are perfect for heavier saris and shawls. They also prevent your clothes from developing that musty closed-closet smell.

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4. Clean It, Mean It

When you get a stubborn food stain on your fav anarkali, immediately sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain to absorb the oil. Then hand-wash the stain spot using lukewarm water and Ariel Matic. Ariel Matic is enriched with a complex of cleaning agents that tackle greasy stains and other common soils, while also tackling malodour molecules that can cling onto fibres. This helps preserve and maintain your clothes’ comfort, style and performance and prevent colours from appearing dull and faded. Follow this up with a thorough dry cleaning!

5. Hot Off The Press

Select the temperature of the iron in accordance to the fabric you’re working with, then turn the outfit inside out and administer a small patch test on a corner of the dress - check to see if there’s been any damage and then lower the heat if needed. As an added precaution, place a light fabric on top of the outfit you wish to iron.

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