10 Things Women With Naturally Glowing Skin ALWAYS Do!

10 Things Women With Naturally Glowing Skin ALWAYS Do!
It sometimes seems like no matter how many potions we buy, facepacks we try and fresh juices we drink, that perfect, radiant complexion will be forever out of reach. Let’s face it, we’ve all envied women with flawless, lit-from-within skin and would love to know their secret. Well, it’s a no-brainer really – great skin requires constant dedication! We give you a few things that women with great skin always do, just remember to be vigilant about it. Welcome to the flawless skin club!

1. She Makes Her Own Instead Of Trying Store Bought Ones

things women with great skin do

Don’t shy away from DIYs, they’re not as complicated as you think. Simply adding a bit of chandan and rose water to multani mitti can give your complexion that much needed boost. Spread fresh avocado on your face for 10 minutes for instant hydration; try tomato pulp to brighten your skin and get rid of a tan – the options in your own kitchen are endless. See what works for you and apply it weekly.

2. She Believes In Spot-Treating

Treating different areas of your face differently is a wise idea. Instead of simply slathering a serum or a cream all over your visage, think about each part of your face. If your forehead tends to get oily, you may want to avoid applying a heavy moisturizer there. If you have combination skin, then you may want to use a toner on your T-zone only. Acne creams are drying, so try applying them only on spots and problematic areas instead of across your whole face.

3. She Gets Good Sleep

things women with great skin do

We all know the 8-hour rule of beauty sleep, but the quality of sleep you get is what really matters. Keep your cell phone far, far away from your pillow so that you’re not disturbed by texts and vibrations through the night. Even if you don’t get in 8 hours of snooze time, getting good, undisturbed sleep every night can make a world of a difference.

4. She’s Wise About Her Makeup

Use makeup from trusted brands and try as often as you can to use products that are non-comedogenic (which means they won’t clog your pores) and not too heavy. Taking off your makeup diligently before bed makes a difference in giving you clear, glowing skin instead of a dull complexion with blocked pores and breakouts. Give your eye area some extra care while removing your mascara and don’t tug at it.

5. She Gets Moving

things women with great skin do

Some activity and a bit of daily exercise is essential to boost circulation for that healthy glow. If you’re lazy, tag along with a friend for a jog or a yoga class so that the company can help motivate you. Sweating helps lower stress hormones which are connected to breakouts, clogged pores and skin aging. An envy-inducing glow is what you should think about the next time you’re considering slacking off on your workout.

6. She Uses The Right Cleanser For Her Skin Type

If you don’t thoroughly wash your face daily, you’re leaving behind dirt, excess oil, pollution and grime from the day to block your pores and give you dull, breakout-prone skin. For oily skin that is prone to zits, use a cleanser containing salicylic acid; and for dry skin, try a milky cleanser or a moisturizing glycolic face wash.

7. She Keeps Her Fingers Off

things women with great skin do

Touching your face spreads bacteria causing acne, scarring and even wrinkles. Plus, you should also wipe your phone’s screen regularly because you’re constantly tapping away at it with your fingers and then touching it to your face. If you’re noticing blackheads and breakouts around your cheeks, your phone might just be the culprit.

8. She Drinks The Right Liquids

Let’s be honest, how much water do you really drink? Keep a bottle with you at all times and sip at it day and night. Plus, reconsider the amount of coffee and aerated drinks you have. Remember, green tea is healthy, but it also contains caffeine so don’t go overboard with it. Fresh juices made from those dreaded greens, fruits and veggies can actually taste yummy once you try them a few times. It’s all in the mind!

9. She Doesn’t Use Too Many Products

things women with great skin do

Don’t get sucked in by fad products, fancy ingredients and misleading advertisements. Using too many products can confuse your skin too. A cleanser and moisturizer that works for you should be at the core of your routine. A hydrating night cream or serum as well as a once-a-week exfoliator is all the extra TLC your skin needs. Other than that, clear out your dresser.

10.  She Uses Sunscreen All Year, Every Day!

Heat exposure adds up. So even if you’re walking across the street and are not spending more than 5 minutes in the sun, it is still necessary to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Preventing sun damage is way easier than treating it. Protect all your exposed areas,  and if you’re out for extended periods of time – reapply! Not using sunblock will actually make you look 20 years older than you are a few years down the line. Do your gorgeous skin a favour and protect it!

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