9 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Wearing An Indian Outfit!

9 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Wearing An Indian Outfit!
Our love for Indian outfits goes beyond anybody’s comprehension. More than anything, we have enough occasions to flaunt these gorgeous outfits. Pujas, wedding, festivals - we are always wearing Indian ensembles. Whether lehengas and saris or salwar suits and anarkalis. We have all of these in our wardrobe. But while looking so amazing in these selected pieces, there might be a few mistakes you’re making while wearing them (or even buying them)!

1. Wrong Choice Of Fabric!

Keeping in mind that not all of us keep a stock of Indian wear for different weather conditions, this is a commonly made mistake. Wearing raw silk in summer or wearing chiffon in the winters - either of them feels out of place, you would agree. Pick a fabric that is ideal for the weather, since too much humidity or cold temperatures can ruin your get-up and spoil your mood instead! Also, choose fabrics that compliment your shape. Sometimes going for very clingy fabrics show your figure too much, which might not be as per your liking! Choose wisely.

2. The “Ideal” Silhouette

2 Indian outfit mistakes

Take an informed decision when it comes to the style you choose. Picking something that looks too fluffed up or too shapeless can ruin your look, however fashionable the trends may be. Go for something that defines your shape in the best way possible! Someone with a narrow waist should pick something fitted at the waist (cropped top or blouses) and someone with wider hips should select an outfit that is flowy below the waist.

3. Too Much Bling!

Yes, even though you wish to shine bright at these events, please do not go overboard with clothes that have too much shine on them or are encrusted with all types of stones. They will ruin your look completely. Also, wearing all kinds of jewellery on top of that is a big no-no. It;s always more sensible to go for cleaner and sharper looks. Look at yourself in the mirror - if you feel like there is too much reflection of light, that means you’ve crossed the line.


4. Experimenting With Fashion A Bit Too Much!

4 Indian outfit mistakes

We all love to take inspiration from the runways and our favorite celebs to get our newest outfits. But let me warn you - most of those clothes look nice only on the runway and if you go around flouncing in a long-tailed gown with extra weight of can-can in the skirt, it’s not going to be very comfortable and rather annoying instead! Try new styles, sure, but choose what you are comfortable carrying off effortlessly. Too much effort means too much to worry about!

5. Wearing The Wrong Outfit On The Right Day!

Be very careful when you make that choice - turning up in something that is not ideal for the day is something you can avoid by getting a little more detail about the event. If you feel like experimenting and trying something new, make sure you decide to do that on a day you are sure of. A puja ceremony might not be the best place to experiment with a sari gown, after all!

6. Pairing Your Outfit With The Wrong Shoes!

6 Indian outfit mistakes

You’re looking like a princess from head to ankle...but when it comes to your feet, if you don’t pay attention and wear something that you would wear with your Western outfits, chances are that you’re going to spoil the complete look. Do not ignore your shoes!!

7. No Safety Pins Visible!

Firstly, we need to all learn to wear outfits with minimal usage of pins. These outfits were actually devised a long time ago, when the concept of safety pins wasn’t too popular. So even if you are using them, make sure they are not visible to the whole world. You want to appear to be someone who is confident and who can carry the ensemble flawlessly. These aids are to be kept hidden as much as possible.

8. Compromising On The Fit!

8 Indian outfit mistakes

Fit is the most crucial thing when it comes to indian outfits. The styles are made in a way that they accentuate different body parts, and if it’s not fitted well it can kill the whole vibe and make all your efforts go down the drain! Take some time out to get things fitted - you local tailor would be delighted to do it for just a few bucks. But do not walk out of the house without looking at yourself in the mirror to see how it looks!

9. Showing Off Your Undergarments

Yes, you read that right. Bra straps sticking out or visible panty lines can destroy your look! Make sure that you pick the right kind of lingerie for the outfit. Nude is always the best idea for those fitted bodices. And keep in mind that shapewear is a useful thing too. But it shouldn’t be shown to the world for sure. Get this right, and you will never go wrong!

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