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3 Hairstyles That Look SO Cute With A Beanie!!

We love the winter season, and the many cute accessories it brings along! If you love wearing the beanie as much as we do - you’ll find this video super helpful! Get your beanie out, and we’ll show you how to style your hair in three different ways with that beanie on!

What You Will Need:

  • Beanie

  • Hair Comb

  • Hair Ties

Difficulty Level: Easier Than Washing Your Face In Winter!

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1. The Inverted Ponytail

Step 1: Part your hair into two from the center, and neatly make two ponytails on either side. Make sure they are not too tight.

Step 2: Now take each ponytail and invert them inside out. Now wear your beanie. Wasn’t that easy?

2. The Braid

Step 1: Part your hair from one side. Now make a thick braid from the front portion of your hair. You can also make a French braid.

Step 2: Then wear your beanie just behind the braid. Now take the braid and pin it at the back. Your braided beanie hairstyle is ready! :D

3. Fake Bangs

Step 1: Take some portion of your hair from the front, and spread it with a plunge for a little bounce. Now pin it up with the help of a bobby pin.

Step 2: Wear your beanie, leaving enough portions of your bang visible. Don’t you look cute?!

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Published on Dec 24, 2015
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