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The Long & Short Of It: What Does Your Hair Say About You?

The Long & Short Of It: What Does Your Hair Say About You?
Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. And boy, was she right! A haircut means just so much more than “just a trim” to a girl, especially if she’s opting for a never-tried before style. It’s what sets her apart from the rest and gives the world a window to her personality. So, are you ready to find out what your haircut says about you?

1. The Stylish Bob

You are a confident woman who knows exactly what she wants in life. You dream big and you’re always trying your best to make them come true. Style and fashion are your food for the soul - you’re anything but monotonous. And to top it all, you’re really comfortable being yourself. haircut personality

2. The Delicate Pixie

You are a very happy person who knows her place in the world. You are more of a giver than a receiver. You are not the kind of person to instigate or get involved in fights. What people love about you is that no matter who you meet, you always make them feel special. You rock, girlfriend! haircut 2

3. Straight As A Waterfall

Your sense of fashion is elegant and unique. Wherever you go, you make heads turn! The freedom to do what you like is something you will never give up - for anyone! You aren’t afraid to speak your mind and will do your bit to bring about a change in the society. You are also super-popular in your group of friends! haircut personality

4. Beautiful Spiral Curls

Bold, daring and stylish are words that define the real you. You are your own person and have a handful of really close friends who you love with all your heart. Your closest friend, however, is you. You’re strong enough to face just about any situation life throws at you! haircut personality

5. The Elegant Layers

Your haircut screams sophistication and elegance. You have a sensitive heart and you ALWAYS mean well. You have a great sense of humour and possess the ability to turn any drab situation on its head. When you walk into a party, you bring the fun with you. In short, you’re pretty awesome! haircut personality

6. The Funky Fringe

Some like to think you’re coy, others think just the opposite. You rarely let people get into your head, unless you trust them with your life. You have a gift - the kind that enables you to read people when you’re meeting them for the first time. Once you approve of them, your heart belongs to them. You will do whatever it takes to make that friendship work! haircut personality

7. The Trendy Lob

You are a free spirit and are always up for a good adventure. You hate being tied down at one place. Life for you is all about the journey and not the destination. You rarely take stress, and like to live each day as it comes. You don’t care about anyone’s opinion and like living on your own terms. Such a rockstar you are! haircut personality

8. The Smart Shoulder-Length

Sexiness is in your blood. When you walk, you make heads turn. You are ready to adapt to any situation and are very good at dealing with pressure. You appreciate hard work and always make it a point to make your work stand out. You LOVE people, and they love you in return! haircut personality GIFs: MUST-READ: Zzzzz! What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About YOU? MUST-READ: Head Over Heels: What Does Your Fave Pair Say About You?