parting for your face shape

Are You Parting Your Hair Right For YOUR Face? Let's Find Out!

Simar Rana

Video Content Editor, POPxo

Perfecting your parting is an art that every woman needs to master! However, many times our natural parting or the parting we go with on a regular basis, may not be best suited for our face shape. You may be wondering why you should care about something as trivial as your hair-parting in the first place. Well, ladies, believe it or not, finding the right kind of parting for your face shape can have a major impact on your overall look. Find the right one for your face shape, right here!

1. Round Face

If you have a round face, a deep middle part would be ideal for you. A deep parting right through the middle makes your face appear longer. It will create a nice frame for your face and even highlight your cheekbones!

parting for your face shape

2. Oval Face

If you have an oval shaped face, you’re a lucky one! Pretty much any parting style suits your face. We would, however, suggest that you go for a nice side parting. Since your face is already long, a middle parting would only make it appear longer. A side parting, on the other hand, would balance your features out nicely.

parting for your face shape

3. Heart-Shaped Face

This kind of shape means that you have a wide forehead and cheek region. An off-centre parting is the way to go with such a face shape. This will cover your forehead up a bit and make your face appear more balanced-out.

parting for your face shape

4. Square-Shaped Face

A side parting is the best option for someone with a square-shaped face. Having a square-shaped face means you have a wide jaw line with sharp angles. A side part helps bring softness to the sharp angles and creates better facial balance. However, remember to keep the parting only moderately to the side. A parting too deep can actually exaggerate the squareness of the face.

parting for your face shape

5. Diamond-Shaped Face

If you have a diamond-shaped face, staying away from front bangs or middle partings and actually opting for a side parting is the best option. A side parting will compliment your strong bone structure and cheekbones. Since diamond-shaped faces usually have smaller foreheads, anything too dramatic or right through the centre will overshadow your face.

parting for your face shape

Images: shutterstock, instagram, Viral Bhayani 

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Published on Jul 14, 2015
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