15 Problems Only Girls with Straight Hair Can Understand - There IS a Downside!

15 Problems Only Girls with Straight Hair Can Understand - There IS a Downside!

If you were born with naturally straight hair, then your locks have probably been the cause of many jealous sighs from other girls your whole life. But only you know the annoying side of it! We give you problems only girls with straight hair can understand - yes, there can be a downside to having slick, manageable locks!

1. Sexy, "messy" hairstyles are not for you.

2. If you want to tie your hair in a ponytail, then you must commit to it till your next wash thanks to that BIG bump it leaves behind.

straight hair gif2

3. There’s nothing sexy about flat hair.

4. Bobby pins never stay in place in your hair, which basically means you can never try any cool updos or styles.

5. You have got to constantly brush your locks if you want them to look anywhere near presentable.

6. Thick, straight hair can be annoyingly unmanageable.

7. Unwashed locks look extra greasy when you have straight hair.

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8. No matter how much you wrestle with it and how many hours you spend curling it, your hair always returns back to its normal, straight state after an hour or so.

9. Your ears poke out through your hair, making you look like a character straight out of a sci-fi film.

10. You feel like the word "Boring" is what describes your hair best - since it does NOTHING.

11. You always have random strands sticking out, even after styling your hair.

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12. Even gallons of hairspray can’t help you rock fabulous curls and waves.

13. You can never have soft, wavy tendrils for a romantic look.

14. People give you that you-spoilt-princess look whenever you complain about your hair.

15. A high ponytail never stays "high" since your hair-tie keeps sliding down.

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GIFs source: teen.com, huffingtonpost.com, giphy.com

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