What Does Your Hairstyle Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Hairstyle Say About Your Personality?

A woman’s hair is deeply tied to her personal identity. You may have never thought about it before, but the way you style your strands says a lot about you. Think about it: we have all made assumptions about people based on how great or not-so-great their locks look at some point in time! So what does your hairstyle say about you? Read on to find out!

1. Flaunting Your Curls


Instead of fighting with a hair straightener, you’re confident with how you look and embrace your unruly affair with flair, making you easygoing and fuss-free. Just like you’re hair, you’re fun and low-maintenance, but love a bit of drama.

2. Straightening Your Curls

If you have naturally curly locks which you love to straighten it, could mean that you’re a bit controlling. You may have problems delegating thanks to your perfectionist qualities and can be very self-critical at times. You’re used to others telling you to calm down. Just like your hair, you need to straighten it all out and control how everything stands to feel content.

3. Super Long Tresses

You’re sentimental, romantic and in touch with your emotions. You love yourself some glam, you’re flirty and are pretty much like to go with the flow. Just like your Rapunzel-esque hair, you’re not very open to change, and try to hold on to things for as long as you can.

4. Thick, Wavy Locks


Creative, emotional and sensitive is how you would describe yourself best. You’re easy-going and friendly, but may have a hard time talking about your thoughts and emotions. Just like your hair, you require freedom, which means you relish some alone time and space in your relationships.

5. A Short Bob

Self-assured and fun, you’re not afraid to take the initiative or experiment with a fresh, new look. Instead of going super-short, you have opted for a preppy style that is professional but cute at the same time, just like your personality.

6. Medium-Length Locks

This in-between length means that you are practical, logical and a good thinker. It also means that you can be a bit impatient, ambitious and competitive. You’re not overly emotional and, just like your hair, you just want things done minus the fuss.

7. A Super-Short Do / Unconventional Styles

Quirky, sexy and assertive - just like your hair, you are bold and love grabbing attention. You’re stylish, flirty and adorable, and not are particularly given to emotional drama. You may intimidate others thanks to your incredible self-confidence and fearless personality.

8. Naturally Straight Hair

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.45.21 pm

Sensual and feminine minus the frills, your naturally straight, low-maintenance hair has often been a thing of envy. You may get bored of your locks sometimes, but others find you sexy and are attracted to your poised yet playful personality.

9. Side-Swept Bangs

You’re mature and career-oriented but also have a playful side. Intelligent and youthful, you have a knack for attracting people thanks to your sweet and interesting personality.

10. A Casual Ponytail Is Your Signature Style

If you’re always pulling your hair back into a hurried ponytail, it could be a sign that you don’t want to stand out from the crowd too much and that you put others' needs before yours. Traditional and sensible describe you best. Just like your hair, you’re humble and low-maintenance.

11. A High, Polished Ponytail

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.45.10 pm

Professional, classy and goal-oriented can describe your personality best. You have no time for flakiness and silliness and are highly logical and practical instead.

12. A Perpetually Blow-Dried Mane

If you always look fresh from a salon appointment, it shows that you love glamour but also need consistency and order in your life. You may be uber-elegant, but your knack for always looking super well-turned out can be quite intimidating for other people.

Images: Viral Bhayani

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