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This Man's 'Life With Wife' Illustrations Are EVERY Couple Ever!

This Man's 'Life With Wife' Illustrations Are EVERY Couple Ever!

Most men might not say it out loud, but they adore the little things you do that make their life wonderful. Be it trying out 10 different outfits or singing out loud to your favourite songs in the shower, these moments you have with him are...everything. The Israel-based illustrator, comic artist and character designer Yehuda Adi Devir, has created adorable comics about all these little moments with his wife, Maya and it seems quite clear that these are the highlights of his life with her. 

From birthday surprises to haircut meltdowns and wardrobe dilemmas, Yehuda's wife has given him special moments that he cherishes with all his heart. Now that they have inspired him to create these relatable comics, we can't help but grin ear to ear watching their love painted in graphics. 

The best part? With his distinctive style, Yehuda is able to transform simple, everyday scenes into fun-filled adventures, portraying the joy and excitement that his marriage brings to them both.

Below are some of our favourite illustrations from his popular series 'Life With Wife'. We bet these will definitely remind you of all those little moments you've shared with your partner. Go ahead and adore him a little more after looking at these illustrations. *Hearts*  

1. When your hair is everywhere!

2. When you both are too lazy to move!

3. When he surprises you on your birthday!

4. When you make him carry your shopping bags!

5. When you get selfish with the umbrella!

6. CARaoke be like!

7. When you have nothing to wear!

8. When you want all his attention!

 Do you relate to these, too? Tell us about your favourite moments with your partner and give us more things to smile about today.