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The Abuse Women Are Facing For #WomenBoycottTwitter Is Outrageous!

The Abuse Women Are Facing For #WomenBoycottTwitter Is Outrageous!

After actress Rose McGowan’s Twitter account was suspended On Thursday, for ‘violating the terms and policies’ of the social media platform, many women (and men), openly decided to boycott Twitter for 24 hours on Friday, October 13th. This suspension came after she openly came out in support of the victims who spoke up against the American Film Producer and Studio Director Harvey Weinstein’s numerous cases of sexual harassment from over two decades.

While the decision to suspend her account is a controversial one and still under debate, the troll patrol has been out and about calling out women who have decided to take a stance on the matter. The intense scrutiny and bullying women face in real life and on social media is further amplified by this single incident. Some are not questioning the point of the boycott but calling women names and spewing hate simply because they can. Here are some of the atrocious examples!

1. And isn’t the world a better place without such people?

1 womenboycotttwitter

Source: chrissyteigen on Twitter

2. Just like the last hundred years, huh?

2 womenboycotttwitter

Source: fuzz_nutz on Twitter

3. Better late than never, my friend!

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Source: the_crafty_cric on Twitter

4. Yes, and this pussy grabs back!

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Source: IAMG3ORGEZ on Twitter

5. Um, because that’s the only time you meet women, anyway, right?

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Source: ParadoxMental on Twitter

6. A wine mom is a combination of two best things in the world - wine and mom! How could it be that bad?

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Source: hackerseraph on Twitter

7. More screeching. Endless screeching. Screeching till idiots understand!

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Source: stillgray on Twitter