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Women Aren't Objects: This Badass Statement By The Supreme Court Made Our Day!

Women Aren't Objects: This Badass Statement By The Supreme Court Made Our Day!

Times are changing in India. More women are standing up for themselves and fighting for their rights. And thanfully, our judiciary is also on their side, reminding the country that women should live on their own terms. 

In a recent case in the Supreme Court, a woman filed a criminal case against her husband on the grounds of cruelty. She stated that she does not wish to live with her husband, but the man refuses to let her move out. The Supreme Court judges spoke in favour of the woman and underlined that the husband couldn't keep her with him against her will. 

"She is not a chattel. She does not want to live with you. How can you say that you will live with her? You (the man) cannot force her," a bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta told him. 

The Supreme Court suggested that he  "reconsider" his decision. 

"How can he (man) be so unreasonable? He is treating her as a chattel. She is not an object," the bench told the lawyer appearing for the man.

The legal counsel for the husband agreed in the court to convince the man on the matter. Meanwhile, the woman's lawyer informed the court that they are ready to withdraw the case of cruelty and the woman isn't asking for alimony either. She just wants a divorce. 

The court had earlier asked the couple to settle the matter for mediation instead of going the legal way, however, the couple was unable to resolve their issues, the bench was told. Another hearing has been posted for August 8. 

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