If Guys Had Periods… This Will Make EVERY Girl Laugh!

If Guys Had Periods… This Will Make EVERY Girl Laugh!

How would guys react if they were told that just like us, they’ll have to go through all the period pain, cramps and hormonal mood swings *every* month? This is one of those ultimate questions all of us have had in our minds at some point of time in our lives. So girls, here is a thread we found on Reddit where men answered how would they feel if they were told they had to go through menstrual cycle and the answers are just so funny. You just can’t miss reading these!  

1. The one who won’t complain about the pain!

Yosoff answers on Reddit: That would be amazing. No matter how bad it is we will claim that it was nothing at all and we have no clue what women complain about.

1 what if men had periods

2. The one who has a condition - *Boobs*

Roland_B_Luntz answers on Reddit: Do I get boobs to play with too? If so, I'm sold.

3. The one who is too uncomfortable with the thought of blood

PM_ME_YOUR_WORRIES answers on Reddit: Assuming I'd have to squeeze the menstrual blood through my urethra, probably afraid.

3 what if men had periods

4. The one who can take a little pain but not too much

High-Hopes answers on Reddit: Depends how much it hurts to pee out.... A little pain? Sure I would love to try it. Feels like kidney stones? No, thanks.

5. The one who would kill himself if it was happening

PublicEnemyNumber-1 answers on Reddit: I probably wouldn't believe you. But if it came true then I'd kill myself.

5 what if men had periods

6. The one who will ‘pass’ the offer...

Piezeppelin answers on Reddit: No thank you, I'll pass.

7. The one who is too horrified!

Marmitecashews answers on Reddit: I can barely take having a cold, so I would be horrified.

7 what if men had periods

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

These are hilarious!

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