Yeh Kya Hua? Absurd Twists On Kasautii Zindagii Kay That Would Never Happen IRL

Yeh Kya Hua? Absurd Twists On Kasautii Zindagii Kay That Would Never Happen IRL

Prerna Sharma and Anurag Basu have become a part of my daily routine with Ekta Kapoor's remake of Kasautii Zindagii Kay. The show is by far the most the most frustrating one on Indian television, with Prerna and Anurag constantly lying under the veil of 'friendship' while giving each other goo-goo eyes at every chance they get. Naveen, our in-house criminal, is not charming by any stretch of the imagination. Anurag's mother is constantly standing by him, despite the entire family hating the guy. 

I did find myself, on various occasions, screaming at the television screen, yelling at the characters to make smarter life decisions. It felt like I was watching a horror movie, except Paris Hilton in House Of Wax had more common sense that Prerna Sharma. And that's saying something! Here is a list of things that happened this week on Kasautii Zindagii Kay that would never, ever happen in real life.

1. Prerna's Parents Being Okay With Her Marrying A Criminal

Naveen got accused of sex trafficking by Anurag Basu. Although the witness (who happens to be another woman he trafficked from Kolkata) changed her statement at the end, no parents should be okay with their daughter marrying a man who even has a shadow of a doubt of having committed such a heinous crime. At least carry out an investigation! What's the hurry anyway? Prerna says, "Yeh karna meri life ke liye zaroori hai," and they are acquiesced. Shesh. 

2. Anurag Getting Slapped For Trying To Save His 'Best Friend' Prerna

kasautii zindagii kay-prerna-anurag

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Even if Anurag and Prerna are adamant on playing the 'friend' card, Anurag should not be questioned for trying to save his best friend from a predator. He's just looking out for her! Instead of being praised, he gets slapped by his mommy dearest for speaking up about her 'muh-bola-bhai.' Not to mention the taunts he has been getting from his sister. If your son/brother is making such strong accusations against someone, wouldn't you give him a chance to speak and trust his gut? No, because you are blinded by how amazing Naveen is on paper. Despite the fact that he has two passports and some very questionable documents. 


3. Shaadi Functions Have Been Going On For Two Months

If Prerna is going to do this, then can she please just get married already? Her wedding functions have been going for months now and really, DeepVeer was nothing compared to this. One week of engagement, one week of mehendi, one week of sangeet, one week of haldi and another week of puja. Phew, they could have had kids by now! Ekta Kapoor, I know you love this drama-fuelled narrative, but could you at least give Prerna a change of clothes every day? It's getting difficult to watch her friendzone Anurag every day in the same clothes. 

4. Prerna & Anurag Friendzoning Each Other Despite All The Sexual Tension

02 kasautii zindagii kay-anurag basu-prerna

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I've actually written an entire article on this. And yet, the Queen of Indian television, Ekta Kapoor refuses to understand that they are not best friends! You don't dream of your best friend sneaking into your room and giving you a kiss (I'm looking at you, Anurag Basu). Prerna, on the other hand, is the Robin Scherbatsky of Indian television, with a Ted Mosby who is too afraid to make a move. Guys, just get with it. Just tell her you love her already. You can practice on me if you need to, Parth Samthaan. *wink wink*

Despite it all, I am not going to stop watching this show anytime soon!

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