These Designer *Sparkling* Stockings Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale!

These Designer *Sparkling* Stockings Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale!

Hello, gorgeous! We’ve found something pretty for you.

You don’t realise how happy you feel when you see fresh and colourful blooms, in reality or in movies. You’ve probably seen Mariah Carey rocking those classic fishnet stockings more than anyone else and then Kylie Jenner wore a funky version of it. But it’s about to get fancier, ladies! What if we told you, someone has designed a mix of that freshness and fishnet stockings as socks that you can wear? If you are the kind of girl who likes fishnet stockings then, we have the perfect pair.

Lirika Matoshi is a New York-based artist who designs delicate, detailed and handmade pieces. She designs sheer brassiere, tops but mostly, it’s socks. It looks like they are straight out of a Disney movie and we are not exaggerating. You can wear it at a theme party or when going out with your girls because it gets everyone’s attention. And these ones are all made in Matoshi’s studio and she sells them on She uses theme-based gems, shimmer and embroidery to create them and her inspiration usually is ‘nature’. Take a look.  

1. Awesome Blossom

2. Yeah, they’re sock full of gems!


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3. Stars wrapped around your feet


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4. So many options!

5. Stars all over!


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6. Stars & the night!

7. Blooming already!

Spellbinding, right? If you can see yourself wearing those already then we won’t take much of your time. Just buy the ones you like from her etsy account here. They range from Rs 2,800 to Rs 32,000. But in case, you’re feeling resistance because of too many stones and shimmer in those socks, no worries, you can have our fave ones, they are pretty, elegant and simpler.

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