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Here's Why These Dolls Representing Vitiligo Are SO Important!

Here's Why These Dolls Representing Vitiligo Are SO Important!

The dark foundation shades from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range sold out in less than a week, and that should be a statement in itself. Quality is provided by various beauty brands but Rihanna gave the girls what they actually needed and they needed to be ‘represented’ and ‘appreciated’ for who they are, as they are.


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It was a very important lesson for the industry itself. When we use the word beauty, it is limitless. Beauty is not a word used to define one colour, one skin type or even one body type, it’s for everyone and it is important to have all-encompassing portrayals all around the world so the coming generations can avoid judgements based on physical attributes.


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As we rightfully know, this judgement and differentiation between what’s beautiful and what isn’t begins at an age when a child picks up their first doll. So ideally that’s where the change needs to begin.

Gone are the days of size-zero Barbie, welcome Vitiligo dolls, representing a condition that affects skin pigmentation. An artist Kay Black aka Kay Customz, designed these dolls to teach kids that beauty comes in all shades and patterns. For the kids who also have this skin condition, imagine how excited a little girl feels when she discovers that her doll looks just like her. While many changes have been made in the industry to celebrate diversity, this is where a child can start.


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These handmade porcelain dolls are reportedly inspired by Winnie Harlow who is one of the first major models with Vitiligo. The Canadian model was discovered in 21st cycle of America's Next Top Model and now, is an activist for the disease. Harlow has never allowed her skin condition to become a block in the way of her and her dreams, inspiring many others while she has been at it!  

The artist takes patterns and portions from real people with Vitiligo to make these dolls accurate in their representation with gorgeous hair, outfits and accessories. You can also find dolls with albinism and dolls for Breast Cancer Awareness, princesses and fairies.  


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While we appreciate the days we’ve had with perfectly-carved Barbie, it’s time to move on to realistically-crafted dolls.

Don’t allow anybody to confine your definition of ‘beautiful’, this way or that way, everyone is good-looking, go ahead and take care of that skin and flash it with confidence,

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