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Nia Sharma On Lip Lock With Jamai Raja Co-Star Reyhna Pandit: It Was A Kiss Out Of Pure Love

Nia Sharma On Lip Lock With Jamai Raja Co-Star Reyhna Pandit: It Was A Kiss Out Of Pure Love

Nia Sharma is one TV celebrity who is seen more in news highlights than she is on television. Recently, at a grand Holi party in Mumbai, Nia Sharma and her best friend/girlfriend/'cousin'/ Jamai Raja co-star, Reyhna Pandit, indulged in public display of affection with a kiss on the lips while entering the bash.


Image: Instagram

There was a camera set up at the entrance where the crew was recording and interviewing guests who were coming to play Holi. During a small interaction with the reporters, Reyhna smooched Nia when the latter complained about the former coming late to the party. Needless to say, it went viral but for the wrong reasons.

Source: Instagram

Netizens and Nia Sharma fans were shocked to see this and started calling them out for the same. Videos started circulating of the two of them dancing really close to each other at the party soon after.

Source: Instagram

But recently, Nia Sharma took it upon herself to address the gossip and in an interview with Delhi Times, she opened up about the incident. She said:

"A simple kiss is being made into a big thing. There is no controversy here for God's sake, people should understand that. But we can't control the trolls or people who termed this kiss as something else, because both of us know that it was out of pure love for each other. Reyhna is like my cousin. After five years of knowing her, I have a deep bond with her. Also, if I can wish Happy Holi and kiss my mom on the lips, why not my best friend who is like my cousin? This is only a friendly kiss and I don't think I could care more about how people interpret it."


Image: Instagram

Reyhna too went on to add, "After my sister, the only person I kiss is Nia because she is like my sister. I wonder why so much fuss is being made about this. All I can say is, Nia is my best and only friend in the industry and since she was showering love on me that day by being concerned about my late arrival, I thought I would return my love with a kiss. It was just pure love for her and people should not read more into this. It is not a lesbian act at all. If you can kiss your sister on the lips, a girl friend who is very special deserves a similar kiss on a festival day."


Image: Instagram

In fact, Nia and Reyhna have kissed before also in 2015 on the sets of Jamai Raja. But because of the trolling they received for it, the picture was taken off Instagram. Reyhna addressed the controversy in 2015 when she said:

"Why so much hype about it? When a girl can kiss on cheeks, why not on lips? Nia and I are very different kind of people. We like each other's positive attitude and fashion sense. We have become very good friends and we enjoy each other's company. I want to make it clear that we both are not lesbians and are very much straight. People kiss because they like that person. Nia and I share a very cute bond."

Currently, Nia Sharma is shooting for a TV show on Colors TV opposite Arjun Bijlani titled Ishq Mein Marjawan. The duo was seen shooting in Goa a while back, giving us all kinds of work/vacay goals. Reyhna Pandit, on the other hand, is the lead of a TV show on Zee TV titled Manmohini.

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Published on Mar 28, 2019
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