Do Women Need Menstruation Leave? Or Does That Make Us Weak?

Do Women Need Menstruation Leave? Or Does That Make Us Weak?

Twinkle Khanna has been making news with her debut production, PadMan, based on the life and achievements of Arunachalam Muruganantham. So it's only obvious that she would be taking the mic to discuss her opinion on menstruation and sanitary pads. If you are on any social media platform then you must have come across the #PadManChallenge making rounds, from Twinkle Khanna to Aamir Khan and Sonam Kapoor, everybody got on board to remove the taboo that surrounds periods and sanitary pads.


Link to the talk and entire session now on the Facebook page #padmaninoxford

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However, that's not all Twinkle Khanna had to say. A company called Culture Machine recently made a statement that they will give their women employees menstruation leave, but Twinkle doesn't seem to agree with this idea. "I was a part of a show wherein a lady said she runs more when she is on her period so that no one can tell her to sit at home because she is weak. A lot of people think women should stay at home, so why to give them an excuse to stop women from doing anything? If there is too much pain, then one can take an off just like they do for any other sickness like a stomach ache. Women should not make period a reason to take a leave," she said. 

What do you think? Some of us have cramps that make it impossible to get out of bed unless we chug down painkillers, does it seem fair to be expected to go to work in that condition? Or do we need extra leave that will then be a bone of contention in the context of equal rights? Maybe this is a neverending debate and these questions will remain two sides of the same coin. But the fact of the matter is that we are talking about it, we're talking about periods and menstruation without flinching and that's a good win to start with.