In The Age Of Filters, Woman Fights Unrealistic Beauty Standards With Funny 'Chin Selfies'

In The Age Of Filters, Woman Fights Unrealistic Beauty Standards With Funny 'Chin Selfies'

How many times do you look at one picture before uploading to Instagram? I, for one, keep staring at my picture until I find something wrong with it and finally end up not uploading it. Thanks to social media, everyone seems to be posting 'effortless' professionally shot and edited shots of them, and the pressure on the rest of us to adhere to these impossible beauty standards is very real. We all want to travel the world and click some amazing pictures, but let's face it, some of us just like to do it for the 'gram. Michelle Liu is someone just like us. Except that she is far from stressing about being perfect. 

Through her pictures, she is fighting not just unrealistic beauty standards, but is also shedding some light on body positivity. Her Instagram handle (@chinventures) captures all her adventures in beautiful locations with hilarious chin selfies.

Some Of Our Favourite Picks From Michelle's Handle

In the day and age when social media shaming is rampant, Michelle is setting some really chintastic goals. We have picked some of our favourite pictures from her Instagram. Which one is yours?

Hello, CHIN-a!

Here's Michelle, Chinning with a deer!

And celebrating chinsgiving with family...

Living for the paradise island in Chinamas!

Chin up, buttercup! Say no to pier pressure.

Pinky promise to bring out the chi(n)ld in you, every time!

Choose to s(c)hine, mate!

We love it when women break stereotypes and do something that makes them happy. BRB, getting ready for my chinfie now!

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