This Bride Couldn't Stop Crying When Her Bestie Surprised Her By Flying Down From Canada!

This Bride Couldn't Stop Crying When Her Bestie Surprised Her By Flying Down From Canada!

If there is one person a bride needs by her side throughout her wedding, it has to be her best friend. A girl starts dreaming about her wedding even before she's found 'the one' and we've all spent hours talking to our BFF's, planning the D-day and fantasizing about it. But one never knows where life takes you. All the planning you do when you're a kid kind of vanishes once you grow up, right? You have to study, work, make a living and for that you some times have to switch cities or in this case, countires.

Maryam was getting married in Mumbai while her best friend Amber, was based out of Canada. Naturally, it must have made them both very sad. To not have that one person by your side whom you spent all those years sharing your deepast emotions. To not have your bestie to help you go through everything that a wedding brings with itself. But then something beautiful happened and it brought tears of joy not just to the bride's eyes, but ours too. A beautiful moment of love, care and joy shared by two best friends, captured beautifull by Bombay Paparazzi. Take a look:

The caption along with the picture was equally heart-touching:

"Presenting a very very special moment of friendship, love and affection. A friend flew in from canada to surprise her best friend just before her wedding day. This whole moment captured is filled with so much love, our editor had tears in his eyes while making this video. This moment and this song will give you goose bumps. Every emotion is pure, every moment is once in a life time moment."

This made me want to hug my bestie tight and let her know that I'll always be there with her, no matter what! Did you feel the same way too?