The Cutest *Bride & Bestie* Pictures You Just Can’t Do Without!

The Cutest *Bride & Bestie* Pictures You Just Can’t Do Without!

Naina and Aditi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani! Now quickly tell us the first thing that came to your mind when you read the first line? Best friends? Bridesmaid goals? Yeah? Well yes, having a bridesmaid like Naina is something every bride-to-be dreams of! And, if you are lucky enough to have such amazing friends who have your back at all times, then we are sure you would want to have a super cute bridesmaid's photoshoot with them, on or before your wedding. Yes? Okay then, here are some fun bride and bestie shots that you gotta check out for some inspiration. They are all so amazing, we swear, we can’t decide which one’s our favourite!

1. Squad goals, much?


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Have you always been the queen bee at school, college and everywhere else in general? Basically, if you were like Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, then this pose is perfect for you and your bride squad. Just the right amount of glam!

We totally love the bride and her besties’ bathrobes with the lace detailing on the edges… If you do too, then get similar ones for Rs 1,148 here on Jabong.

2. Why twirl alone? Make them girlies twirl with you!

Okay, let’s accept it! Twirling in such heavy lehengas looks great in pictures, but is not so much fun in reality, for practical reasons obviously! Now, since you are twirling in all your finery, make your bridesmaids twirl AROUND you so you get some company and motivation (and a little attention!)

3. Imagine ‘Wakhra Swag’ playing in the background!

Or in fact, why imagine the song? Actually play it while you shoot fun, crazy pictures with your girlies just before or on the big day. They’re your best friends, so you can be at your goofiest with them! Let the pictures show how filmy all of you are!

And you know what? You can give some amazing sunglasses to your girlies as a wedding favour, which they can use for the shoot. Get them easily on Myntra for just Rs 599!

4. There’s no such thing as too many besties...

If you are someone who has a lot of girlfriends that you want to include for your bridesmaids photoshoot, then a royal-themed black and white photo like this one can be a great option! The pose can be different, but you get the idea, right?

5. Do you have your ‘toli’ ready yet?

You can get cutesy t-shirts with a quirky tagline customized for all your besties and tada! This is how amazing it’ll look.

You can get them customized at Printland. They have some really amazing ideas and lots of cool stuff. Do check it out!

6. I want more friends so that they can pose like THIS with me on my wedding!

Just look at all the colours in this picture! Another benefit of having a lot of friends… You can ask them to wear a variety of colours and then pose like this with you. (Note to self: Make more friends before my wedding.)

Just as much as we love this picture, we also can’t stop drooling over the gorgeous sharara suit the bride is wearing… We’re totally buying a similar one from Amazon. It’s just for Rs 759, guys!

7. If your girlies can climb trees for you, they’re worth it *Wink*

Are you a crazy bunch? Were you the troublemakers at school or college? Does everybody call you the monkey-gang? Very well then. We have a perfect shot for you and your besties to take during the bridesmaid photoshoot. Just how freaking adorable!

So many pretty dresses in one frame makes you feel like buying one? This gorgeous dress from Jabong will be a cute and not at all expensive (it’s for Rs 500 ONLY) addition to your wardrobe!

8. Nothing beats the amount of love your girls have for you!

If you have a close-knit group of friends, then chances are that you are more like sisters to each other. And the love you guys share is beyond everything. This image shows just that! Also, it will be a message for your hubby to take good care of you always. Because, if you’re so precious to your girls, imagine how well he should be keeping you! *teary-eyed smile*

9. Only your besties can get away with such antics, no?

Your besties can tease you as much as they like, pamper you or make fun of you, they can make you feel like a princess in a matter of minutes or bring you down from seventh heaven in seconds. But only they can get away with doing antics like these! And that is exactly why they are your soul sisters!

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