Red Hair Handbook: Things To Keep In Mind If You're Planning On Going Crimson

Red Hair Handbook: Things To Keep In Mind If You're Planning On Going Crimson

Just a while ago we spoke about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her flaming red hair in the upcoming movie Fanney Khan. We also mentioned how you could get your makeup to complement your red hair. But now, let's go back to the basics a bit. While you do need to factor in makeup and wardrobe, there are some other things that you would need to keep in mind if you're planning on getting your hair coloured any shade of red. Red as a hair colour fades the fastest on our hair but there are also other factors that you should know about. 

So let's talk about the things you should keep in mind if you've finally decided to take the red route. 

1. Understand your undertone

Before you go red, just figure out the undertone of your skin. This will not only help you decide on the red but also help you decide the vibrancy of the red. 

2. It starts off darker

When you get your hair freshly coloured, the red looks darker than the shade it is actually supposed to be. That's perfectly normal.

3. Don't be afraid of a bloodbath

Red colour runs faster than any other hair colour. So everytime you shower there will probably be a crime scene in your shower.


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4. Get used to cold showers

Cold water ensures your cuticles don't open as much, so the colour would fade at a slower rate. 

5. Take some time in between washes

The more you wash the sooner it fades. For freshly died hair, just make sure you wait at least three days before the first wash. And finally, instead of washing your hair every other day, try and extend your washes. 

6. Trust the salon

To maintain the longevity of your hair colour, make sure you get colour protecting treatments at your salon at least once before your touch up if not more. 

7. Products are key

You need to make sure you use the colour protecting shampoo and conditioner that has been recommended to you. Also, heat protection is not a non-negotiable step in your hair routine. Even if you're just blast drying your hair with a blow dryer. 

While the aftercare might be a little taxing, red is one of the best colours you could do to your hair. Red as a warm shade has a way of warming up your complexion and highlighting your features. So go forth and do the red!

Here are some products we mentioned above. 

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