Happy Birthday Queen: 10 Sassy Things *Only* Kangana Would Say!

Happy Birthday Queen: 10 Sassy Things *Only* Kangana Would Say!

The Queen of saying-it-as-it-is, Kangana Ranaut turns 31 today and in case you were wondering, she's gifting herself a greener planet for her birthday.

We can't help thinking about how brilliantly honest she is. She wouldn’t seal her mouth or filter her words just for the sake of being liked. She’s one woman who is depended on no one but herself. Isn’t that the kind of woman we all aspire to be? Moving in the right direction like a bullet without allowing anything, even a man considered strong to bring her down. In the midst of all the controversies she finds herself in, she’s simply honest and that has made all the difference. So much so that more than the end result of her most talked about controversies - we're talking about the nepotism hoopla and the Hrithik Roshan spat of course, what has mattered and inspired everyone, is that she continues to be brutally honest in spite of what others say. She’s become an epitome of self-love and self-confidence. So here are a few no-filter things only Kangana could have said (apart from her nepotism comment, of course!)

1. When this man who could be my father’s age hit me so hard that I fell on my head on the floor and it started to bleed. I must have been 17 or something. I picked up my sandal and I hit his head hard and it started to bleed as well. That day I thought I am actually a born fighter, it made me a total badass.

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2. Success is the best revenge. I always feel women should answer back either with their sarcasm or success.

3. I’m not sure if it was targeted at me, but even if it was, I can’t question someone else’s feeling. I have nothing to say about that but generally speaking, when it comes to human emotions and equations, there are no rules. You never know one fine day you wake up with a desire to have somebody or one day you stop wanting it.

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4. Imagine: in the medieval ages, there was no evidence of how the history of mankind has been affected by witchcraft. But there is significant factual history of how brutality and sadism of mankind have been displayed in the most obscene manner in the name of witch-hunt.

5. My man has to be more intelligent than I am, which is difficult to find. He should definitely be more successful than me, which is not so difficult to find. I'd be a fool to expect a better looking man than me, which is impossible to find.

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6. It is not easy to be in love with someone like me. I am open about my life and most men don’t like women with such honesty, it can be nerve cracking for them. So it reduces my chance of being in a relationship.

7. I like men who love to play with fire. I like men who love to tame roaring lionesses. Men have told me that I can scare the s**t out of them. And I am aware that when I talk like that, no weak man would even flutter around me.

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8. Why should Bollywood accept me? I should accept Bollywood. I don’t care if Bollywood has accepted me. I don’t seek acceptance. I don’t need to live up to anybody’s expectations.

9. All beautiful things in the world are because of women.

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10. There is always a man better than the one before.

Kangana reminds us to be kind, sassy and in charge of our own happiness. On her birthday we wish the boss lady peace and more power!   

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr