Humidity Alert: Tips And Tricks To Not Let It Not Rain On Your (Skincare) Parade!

Humidity Alert: Tips And Tricks To Not Let It Not Rain On Your (Skincare) Parade!

The rains are always welcome, aren’t they? They give us some amount of respite from those dry heat days, and of course, how can we not mention ‘baarish waale pakore’?! Now, as much as we love rainstorm videos on our Instagram feed, our skin doesn’t entirely LOVE the rainy season. Humidity tends to wreak havoc for our skin as it leads to more stickiness and sebum production. This, in turn, means clogged pores and pimples. Before you get worried sick reading this, let us tell you that a little bit of extra attention and TLC given to your skin during the rains will ensure that you have flawless skin throughout the year! Here’s what you need to do…

1. Pay Attention To CTM

Truly speaking, cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin is a must all year round. However, you have to pay extra attention when it’s humid as this is a time that the skin is most oily and tends to attract more dirt and grime. Follow this routine religiously so that there are no clogged pores and your skin is squeaky clean.

2. Try And Go Makeup Free

2 hot and humid skicare tips

Yes, we’ve done a number of posts on waterproof makeup to wear during the rainy season, however, going makeup-free is your best bet if you want to save your skin. This is because the humidity and sweat will anyway lead to oily skin and clogged pores. To top this, makeup will only worsen the situation so we suggest steer clear of makeup as much as you can.

3. Face Mists And Wet Wipes Will Be Your Best Friends

The key to skincare in humid weather is to keep the oil/sebum, dirt and grime off of your skin. Keep your favourite face mist or rose water in your bag and spritz some onto your face every now and then. Same for wet wipes - wipe your face after a few hours out in the humidity and pollution. This one really helps!

4. Cooling Face Packs

 4 hot and humid skincare tips

For those with oily skin, you should keep it simple with multani mitti and rose water. This not only cleanses the face thoroughly but also takes care of any excess sebum. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, go for a banana mash and honey face pack. These will maintain the sebum production of the skin and keep it clean too while maintaining its natural moisture barrier (this is important all year round).

5. It’s Facial Season

A clean-up and scrubbing session for your face every now and then is a must in this weather. As mentioned earlier, this is the season that your skin is more sticky than ever, attracting dirt and clogging your skin’s pores. Therefore, book yourself facials/ clean-ups every 2 weeks and your skin will thank you.

6. No Touching Your Skin

6 hot and humid skincare tips

This one’s non-negotiable. Keep your fingers off of your face. Your skin is already a tad bit irritated, and by placing your sometimes not-so-clean fingers on your face, you’re troubling it further and that could make it to act up.

7. Natural Skincare Ingredients Are The Way To Go

Some store-bought products and ingredients usually have chemicals that are harsh on the skin. Natural ingredients, on the other hand, are mild and work just as well. In the rainy season, opt for more natural skincare ingredients than chemical-laden ones. This will calm your sensitive skin and take care of acne and excess sebum production too.

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