‘Dear Men, Ask Us How We Touch Ourselves…’ - THIS Video Is SO On Point!

‘Dear Men, Ask Us How We Touch Ourselves…’ - THIS Video Is SO On Point!

Dear women, when was the last time you were told that masturbating was healthy, and advised that you do it to give yourself pleasure? And on the contrary, how many times have you heard men speak about masturbation even in casual group conversations and people around dismiss it as ‘men will be men’? The difference is huge, isn’t it?

As women, our bodies are constantly scrutinized and objectified; they are touched, brushed against, and even groped while the concept of consent goes out of the window. And yet, we are the ones who are supposed to feel ashamed with the idea of touching ourselves for our own pleasure? UnErase Poetry released the video ‘Right to Pleasure’ performed by Priya Malik, that states, with screaming clarity, the definition and differences between words like ‘consent’, ‘choice’, and ‘right’. The words ring with the sad truth that our bodies are not temples for those who see women as nothing but objects for their pleasure.

And in the end, Priya concludes: ‘it is our right to exercise our pleasure, and our pleasure to exercise that right’; something we should all learn from, after all that’s said and done. Watch the powerful performance.

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