We Had Samisha After Three Attempts: Shilpa Shetty Opens Up About Surrogacy & Motherhood

We Had Samisha After Three Attempts: Shilpa Shetty Opens Up About Surrogacy & Motherhood

"Our prayers have been answered with a miracle," Shilpa had written in her caption while announcing the arrival of her daughter Samisha to her Insta family back in February. Turns out that the baby has indeed been a miracle. Almost three months after her daughter's birth, Shilpa Shetty has finally opened up about the experience and her decision to opt for surrogacy. 

In a recent interview with a digital entertainment platform, Shilpa revealed that while she did opt for surrogacy, it wasn't really her first choice. And contrary to what so many out there have been speculating, Shilpa did try to conceive a child but couldn't do so owing to a number of complications. 

"After Viaan, I did want to have another child for the longest time but I had a lot of complications. I suffered from an autoimmune disease called APLA, I had a couple of miscarriages so it was a genuine issue," she shared during the interview. 

She further added, "I didn't want Viaan to grow up as a single child, because I'm also one of two and I know how important it is to have a sibling. Coming from that thought, I did explore other ideas as well but that didn't pan out well. At a time when I wanted to adopt, I had put in my name and everything was underway. But then, the Christian missionary shut down because they had a tiff with Kara. I waited for nearly four years and then, I was so irritated and we decided to try the surrogacy route."

In fact, it didn't come to her easily even after deciding for surrogacy. They had to give it three failed tries before Samisha was finally conceived in the 4th one. The baby literally happened to Shilpa and the family just like a "miracle" at a time when they had almost given up on the idea. As the actress shared, "We had Samisha after three attempts. I had honestly given up on the thought of another child." 

If you think about it, motherhood is an experience unique to every woman and there is no one way to go about it. And irrespective of how someone decides to experience motherhood, each and every mother remains truly strong, beautiful, and amazing in her own right! Because say what you may, aren't moms just the best?

 Featured Image: Instagram