Here's How To Ace The Sleek Ponytail Trend Just Like Shilpa Shetty Kundra!

Here's How To Ace The Sleek Ponytail Trend Just Like Shilpa Shetty Kundra!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra aces her look every. single. time.

I don't think I have ever seen a bad picture of her. Be it waves, straight sleek hair or a classy braid, she can pull it all off. I probably would've written this post just fawning over her subtle brown smokey eye, bold lashes AND her sleek formal ponytail. But, while I was fawning over this picture around my colleagues we ended up discussing on how to make your ponytail look like this every single time. This does take a lot of work though, so what I'm about to tell you are steps to perfect your ponytail as a hairstyle for an event, not just tying it up because you're having a bad hair day. 

So here it is, tips on how to get the perfect ponytail hairstyle just like Shilpa!

1. Blow-dry your hair before you start with your ponytail. For a ponytail to look sleek the ends need to be tamed. So either curl or straighten the ends for a perfect ponytail. 

2. Use a comb or a dense brush to bring your hair together. De-tangle your hair and then use a comb to gather your hair for the ponytail, that way you can ensure there aren't any gaps or bumps. 

3. Notice how Shilpa has a slight pouffe in the front? Before gathering your hair into the ponytail, just tease your crown area, especially at the roots. You can also backcomb if you have very fine hair. Then brush how you normally would for the rest of your hair and use the same comb to smoothen the surface area where you have teased the crown. 

4. Use a thin hair tie and not a scrunchie. Even better if you can use a hair tie that is the colour of your hair OR the transparent ones.

5. Take a strand from the base of your ponytail, because that is where your hair would be a longest and wrap it around the elastic. To make this seem neat, just spray that strand with a little hairspray and straighten it if the rest of your hair is curled. 

5. Finally, take a toothbrush and spray some hairspray on it and run it over your crown and ponytail. This tames flyaways and ALSO gives you a glossy look. 

Yep, who would've thought a ponytail would be this much work? But looking at Shilpa's picture, IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

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