5 Beauty Rules To Help You Stay Squeaky Clean During The Covid-19 Crisis

5 Beauty Rules To Help You Stay Squeaky Clean During The Covid-19 Crisis

We may not know many things about the coronavirus yet and what terrible things it's capable of doing other than creating havoc in your respiratory system, but what we do know is that maintaining good hygiene is one way to shield you from it. More than washing your hands with soap every 20 minutes and wearing a mask every time you step out to go grocery shopping, you mustn't forget that your relationship with beauty also plays a big role in keeping you safe from the virus. So how does beauty come into the picture here? Let's find out!



5 Beauty Rules To Help You Stay Safer During The Covid-19 Crisis

There are just five, memorise them, will you?

Avoid Touching Your Face

Dirty, unwashed hands are one of the reasons why viruses spread rapidly. Forget the virus coming in contact with your mouth and eyes, think about all the dirt and bacteria that get the chance to clog all your innocent pores! Tragic, right? In fact, you shouldn't be touching your face at all, and if you do, then you should be washing your face often too. Cleanse your skin often as the bacteria that get stuck on the mask can get transferred to your face while removing the mask. Hence, cleansing is essential - using a mild cleanser, of course!

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Wash Your Makeup Brushes


I want you to imagine this - your bestie shows mild flu-like symptoms comes over to your home asking to borrow both your makeup and brushes for an event she has later to attend. Out of goodwill and friendship, you allow her to touch your stash being oblivious to the fact it could come back in a sorry state. The point here is that infection also spreads through makeup too, especially if someone sneezes on your brushes. During this time, do not share brushes or makeup with anyone. Once a week, wash your brushes with baby shampoo and cold water. At such a time, you might even want to add a little dettol liquid to the mix. Leave them to air dry and if you're running out of time, use a hair dry with a low heat setting. 

Keep Those Nails Short

We may wash our hands often, but many of us forget to scrub underneath our nails. This place is usually warm and moist and acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. Either you use a toothbrush to scrub the gunk underneath your nails or simply keep them short. The latter is a wiser decision considering the current scenario. Plus long nails can damage your skin if you reach for that itch. Also, constantly washing your hands with soap water and hand sanitizer can make your hands rough and dry. Don't forget to keep hand cream on standby. 

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Sterilize Your Beauty Tools


Post doing your manicure and pedicure at home, you should be sterilizing your beauty tools soon after. If they're metal tools like your cuticle pusher, nail file, tweezer, nail cutter and nail scissors, you can wash them with antibacterial soap and use an old toothbrush to scrub the dirt off. For your plastic beauty equipment like bowls, trays, cuticle sticks, cuticle separators, you can wipe them with a cloth that's soaked with rubbing alcohol.  

Befriend That Face Spray

I say one should focus more on skincare and less on makeup during the coronavirus crisis. Make sure that your skin is healthy and hydrated throughout the day. SPF, face mists, moisturisers - these are your heroes. And besides, with that mask on, your skin won't just be able to breathe, but your makeup like your foundation and lipstick will stain the mask. So while you protect yourself, make sure that your skin is too! (Even if makeup has to take a backseat)

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Apart from these beauty safety measures, avoid visiting salons and do your own beauty treatments at home. Also, stay away from beauty stores that allow you to use product testers and offer free makeovers. More than panicking, it's important to be aware and cautious of your beauty choices. 

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