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Saif Ali Khan's Son Ibrahim Ali Khan Is His Carbon Copy & These Pictures Are Proof!

Saif Ali Khan's Son Ibrahim Ali Khan Is His Carbon Copy & These Pictures Are Proof!

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's son, Ibrahim Ali Khan is now all grown up and turns out, he looks exactly like his father. The resemblance between the father and the son is uncanny, so much so that we can see Ibrahim playing all the roles Saif has played in his films. Ibrahim is a carbon copy of Saif Ali Khan and we can't help but wonder if Taimur will also end up looking exactly like his father.

Ibrahim was recently shot by a Mumbai photographer who shared a picture of him walking in a black shirt and white shorts. And for a moment, we felt like we were looking at Saif from his old song, Ole Ole from Yeh Dillagi

Well, let the pictures take over to show you how Ibrahim is the spitting image of Saif.

1. The same face-structure, especially that jawline.

Saif- Ibrahim 2 

2. Like father, like son!

Saif- Ibrahim1

3. You can't tell them apart even from the side.

Saif- Ibrahim 6


5. Even their selfie-style looks the same. 

 Saif- Ibrahim 4

6. Suit them up and you'll see!

Saif- Ibrahim3

6. Father and son? How about twins!

Saif- Ibrahim 7

Image Source: Instagram, Wikimedia Commons, Saif Ali Khan Wallpapers, YouTube

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Published on Jul 30, 2018
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