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Pooja Bhatt Comes Clean About Alcoholism In Her New Book!

Pooja Bhatt Comes Clean About Alcoholism In Her New Book!

With more and more celebrities speaking up about their personal struggles, it’s somehow empowering for regular people, to fight off their demons and live a better and happier life. After Deepika Padukone’s interview, where she talked about her fight against depression and how she managed to overcome it, people were encouraged to talk about their own battles with depression. This time it’s Pooja Bhatt who has spoken up about her struggle with alcoholism and how she managed to overcome it.

Bhatt finally managed to kick the years-long habit on Christmas last year, and has been documenting her journey of sobriety online for the world to see and take inspiration from! What pushed her to kick the habit was a message from her father Mahesh Bhatt that read “If you love me, then love yourself because I live in you.”

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Now after almost 10 months of being sober, on October 21, she announced a book she would be co-authoring along with journalist Roshmila Bhattacharya, to be published by Penguin Random House India, on the struggles of being alcoholic.

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It was so heartwarming to see her family, including Alia Bhatt, come out in support of her book and applaud her courage.

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For a society built on the values of community and togetherness, it’s funny how none of us talk about our problems or even seek support from our families when we’re struggling with abuse of a socially accepted substance. Kudos to Pooja Bhatt for documenting her journey and giving more people the courage to speak up about their stories!

Published on Oct 24, 2017
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