An Open Letter To Deepika Padukone… From Girls Everywhere!

An Open Letter To Deepika Padukone… From Girls Everywhere!
Dear Deepika,

I am sure being an actor can be a real pain in the a** sometimes - especially on days the media decides to feed your personal life as fodder to the masses. I can only imagine how it must feel, waking up to realise that your pain is on everyone’s lips - etched in their memory and subject to their judgement.

Of course, I am a part of that crowd too and I only know of your personal life from what social media has told me. And yet, whatever little I do know about you have only inspired me to become my best self. So this letter is to tell you what an absolutely fabulous role model you are to us girls who may never get to meet you, but will continue to look up to you.

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letter to deepika padukone

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The time when you got that tattoo done - the media flashed their cameras, zoomed into it and pointed it out without mercy, especially when that particular relationship didn’t work out for you. They instantly termed it a painful reminder and a regret that you must get rid of. But you never tried to cover it up. Even after all these years, long after that relationship got over, you continue to carry it like a mark of a proud lioness, who bares her scars - visible for anyone to see. You’ve made me realise that these past experiences make us who we are, and are really nothing to feel embarrassed about. It was your choice to fall in love and get a permanent etching on your body - and it’s still yours to not get rid of it, even though the world may seem to have fun turning it into a great bad example.

letter to deepika padukone

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A failed relationship is never easy, and it is particularly hard when the world makes it a point to remind you of it, again and again. And yet, despite all that went on in your personal life, you never let it affect your professional life. Instead, you took up even more challenging roles in your movies, pushed your boundaries further, and even started opening up about issues that mattered to you most. You helped so many of us when you talked to us about your own battle with depression, and asked us to open up to the pain and let it heal instead of holding it in.

You also probably heard about your ex being in a relationship with someone else, but you never bad-mouthed anybody or rubbed your success into someone else’s wounds. You focused on your work and kept getting better. And I learnt about true humility. I learnt how to forgive another for your own peace of mind - and to let go to stop yourself from being held back.

letter to deepika padukone

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Now that you have found a man who loves you like crazy, gets up on stage and gets down on his knees for you - I am super happy for you. To be honest, Ranveer Singh is the stuff dreams are made of. Yes, you appeared to be a little more restrained in your declaration of love the second time around, but when you did, you made me believe in second chances too. Somehow, you made me realise that what lies ahead of us is much better than what we left behind.

letter to deepika padukone

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And yet, the most important lesson I learnt from you was forgiveness. You chose to work professionally with your ex again, without any complaints, without any regrets - and without any insecurity creeping into your love life.

So, this letter is not to Naina, Tara or Mastani - this letter is to Deepika. For making us girls believe in the power of a strong woman who loves with all her heart, falls down, gets back up and fights even harder - but never stops believing or having faith. A woman who knows she deserves everything, and doesn’t stop short of it.

You are my hero! <3

letter to deepika padukone

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